[Album Review] Red Moon (7th Mini Album) – Mamamoo

Mamamoo returned 2 weeks ago with a brand new mini-album titled as Red Moon and the title track Egotistic. When this album was first released, I noticed a connection between their previous mini-album, Yellow Flower. Red and Yellow are colours that two of the members wore during their Paint Me single release earlier this year. If we were to follow this trend, we will be seeing a blue and white themed album release in the future. Just an observation I made. But let’s refocus and look closely at the songs on the Red Moon album.

Red Moon Album Cover

1..Midnight Summer Dream (여름밤의 꿈) – Opening this track up is this music box effect which really makes the R&B song twinkle. While this does sound like an odd combination, it actually works extremely well. I love the vocals and raps of the members from all the members especially with the odd quirk or two that keeps the song feel repetitive and linear. I really liked the burst of energy from the chorus which really gives the song some life. It was a great opener for the album and definitely drew my attention to the album. (9/10)

2. Egotistic (너나 해) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Egotistic. (8/10)

3. Rainy Day (장마) (Pre-Release SIngle) – The pre-release single for this album was not apparent on my daily check for new releases. The song is an R&B ballad but it doesn’t feel forced or that ‘mandatory ballad’ that girl groups tend to put on their album. I am drawn to the song for their fantastic vocals, which make me feel very sorrow and sad. With the rainy days where I live, the song is perfect to put on and do a lot of sad reflection. There is also that swaying effect that makes me feel at ease. It was a change up from their previous tracks on the album but it was nice. (8.5/10)

4. Sky! Sky! (Innocence) (하늘하늘 (청순))) – I think out of all the songs which I heard in the past by Mamamoo, Sky! Sky! seems to conform to that typical girl group sound the most. But a song from Mamamoo cannot be typical. I really like the simplicity of the chorus and it does feel very nice. But what makes me go wow every time I listen to the song is Moonbyul’s rap section which was completely unexpected and different to the rest of the song (it goes for a very mindblowing hip-hop sound). By far, this is my favourite song on the album and definitely going on my replay list. (9.5/10)

5. Sleep In The Car (잠이라도 자지) – WOW! Mamamoo had their share of a hip-hop rap-heavy track through their playful Taller Than You a few years back. But this takes that song to the next level by being 1000 times more intense and unexpected. It is a fierce track on the album, going well with the already strong title track. They don’t hold back and definitely put all their energy to make sure that this ‘different’ track is successful in its delivery. And while you expect this song to be layered with deep meaning, it was more about how hard the work they do is and focused more on their wild car trips between schedules. (8/10)

6. Selfish (Moonbyul Solo) (ft. Seulgi from Red Velvet)Click here to read the full review for Selfish. (8/10)

Overall Album Review – 8.5/10

Egotistic Teaser Image

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9 thoughts on “[Album Review] Red Moon (7th Mini Album) – Mamamoo

  1. It’s actually already announced that all MAMAMOO releases this year is a part of 4 seasons tetralogy, with Paint Me being the introduction to the whole concept. So yes, dress colors will feature in every release of this year, plus album titles will be named after members’ representative symbols, just as now we have Yellow Flower (Hwa in Hwasa’s name means “flower”) for Hwasa, hence her solo in there, and Red Moon for Moonbyul with Selfish being her solo. Wheein will have something wind/whistle related (that’s how she introduces herself), and Solar is going to be Blue Sun or something sun/sunlight related).
    I wonder whether Wheein will have another solo track, or “Easy” will be included in her seasonal release.


    1. How did I miss this announcement? I am now super excited for everything!!! The question is how are we going to survive all these releases?

      Easy will probably be on the album then, seeing how Moonbyul’s solo debut also was included in Red Moon. Though, it will be nice to hear something new from her.

      I wonder how long they have been planning this, considering how their stage names fit perfectly into this seasonal concept.

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      1. I’m also asking myself the same question, like, 4 comebacks in a year?? 😀

        But Moonbyul’s solo was released in between Easy and Red Moon, so I don’t know for sure if Easy is supposed to be a part of next incoming album. We also don’t even know who’s next member! It could be also Solar.

        RBW has an amazing creative team, I must say. The concepts they’ve been putting out are wonderful.


      2. Yeah, RBW does have great ideas for comeback concepts for Mamamoo.

        But I wish the company would give more opportunities to VROMANCE. And with two more groups debuting under the label this second half of the year, the group might become forgotten. 😦


      3. RBW are completely neglecting promotional importance for VROMANCE, like… Yes, they release new songs frequently (new single out today, btw!), but the fact that the company barely exposes them on TV just… *sigh*


      4. So, thank you for informing me of their comeback. I have completely missed that. As I remember, this release only has one teaser image. Other than that, no other images, no music video (which probably means I won;t be able to review it.) … How on earth are people meant to find out about these guys when there is not promotional buildup to their release?
        Like their trilogy was a good opportunity for some exposure. But I didn’t hear about it until after Star came out. And their promotional schedule was only 1 week per song… Why???


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