[Review] Now or Never – SF9

SF9 has returned with Now Or Never, which is the title track on their Sensuous mini-album, which was released today. The group has gone for a complete image change with their latest comeback compared with Mamma Mia, which was released back in February this year. I will be writing an album review for Sensuous and that will be released (hopefully) next week because the highlight melody is very promising.

I am really excited for this song because it has been a while since I have heard a fantastic song from the group. Right off the bat, I am impressed with this song as it appeals to me taste immediately. The opening line was amazing and definitely upholds expectations I have for the song. While the instrumental was predominately electronic  club synths featuring a  mysterious vibe, I could hear a layer of R&B at the bottom, which probably gave the song that seductive nature. To me, the song contains a dynamic chorus. The first part (which could easily be a pre-chorus) featured the drop of the century (yep, you heard it first here) which created a nice level of suspense. It was followed up with an upbeat and funky vocal pop vibe second half. The rest of the song follows the same sound yet it does grow as it is hyped along. Vocals and raps were all fitting. Finally, I liked how the song ended as it returns as a full circle to the start of the song, which I thought was cool. Overall, Now or Never is my new favourite song.

The new image change is reflect in the music video. There is a mysterious vibe which definitely adds to the song’s appeal. I really liked all the different scenes and how they were interlinked with various transitions. The use of a dominate colour in each scene was spectacular, perfect for Summer yet makes the otherwise serious song pop out of its shell. Something that needs to be acknowledged is their confidence shown throughout the video. It makes them look more sexier and adds an extra layer of appeal for the viewers to be left shaken. Overall, it was a good video.

The choreography looks amazingly perfect for the song. I am astounded when I first saw the music video and it made me jump straight for their showcase. And that left me wanting more. I really liked the Michael Jackson infused intro (seen at the showcase) and the moves overall were just so sharp. My favourite part was how well-timed the moonwalk during the performance was.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10



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