[Weekly Chart] 3rd Week of August 2018

Welcome back to another weekly charts post. Unfortunately, I am a little tied for time at the moment so it is going to be a quick one once again. If you haven’t heard, there will be no album reviews for this week due assignments and tests that I need to study for. We should all be back on the usual schedule next week. If I happen to disappear, assume my studies have consumed my soul and that I am asleep.

Topping the charts this week is (G)I-DLE’s comeback track, Hann. Following closely behind is Stray Kids’ with My Pace and DIA’s Woo Woo, who both made their respective comebacks last week. Red Velvet (also made their comeback last week with Power Up) remains in the fourth position, while Seventeen has yet to drop out of the Top 5 (since their debut on the charts with Oh My! a number of weeks back) and rounds out our top 5. Per usual, scroll down below for more of the charts.

12th Aug – 18th Aug 2018
Title Artist Status
1 HANN (G)I-DLE (new)
2 My Pace Stray Kids (▲4)
3 Woo Woo DIA (▲2)
4 Power Up Red Velvet (=)
5 Oh My! Seventeen (▼ 3)
6 Between Us Laboum (▲3)
7 I’m So Sick APINK (▲14)
8 Always You ASTRO (▲4)
9 Now or Never SF9 (▼ 8)
10 Killing Me iKON (▼ 7)
11 Black Heart UNB (▲41)
12 Love U Kim Chungha (▲1)
13 Egotistic Mamamoo (▼ 3)
14 Touch & Sketch Leo (VIXX) (▲4)
15 Only One For Me BTOB (▲14)
16 See Sea Hyolyn (▲18)
17 déjà vu NU’EST W (▼ 1)
18 Shoot Me DAY6 (▼ 1)
19 Ride On The Wind KARD (▼ 5)
20 When It Rains BTOB-BLUE (▲28)
21 SEMINA Gugudan SEMINA (▲25)
22 Green Apple Berry Good (new)
23 Let Me Golden Child (▲24)
24 Dance The Night Away TWICE (▼ 13)
25 She Bad MYTEEN (▼ 10)
26 Wag-Zak Lovelyz (▲20)
27 Ya Ya Ya MXM (new)
28 favoRiTe LOONA (▼ 20)
29 BAAM Momland (▲7)
30 Zero Minseo (▲9)

These are the song leaving the charts this week:

  • Something New  – Taeyeon (SNSD)
  • Only One For Me – BTOB
  • Sunset – Kim Dong Han
  • Is Who – Minseo
  • Never Thought –  The East Light

Have a good week everyone!

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