[Review] April Fools (0401) – Park Jimin (15&)

Park Jimin has made her return with her very first mini-album since debut. Since her debut, she has only released digital singles, such as Try and Hopeless Love, both of which I have reviewed. The album titled as jiminxjamie features the title track, April Fools (or alternatively 0401) and four other new songs.

April Fools delves into the R&B side of music, which Jimin has expressed to be her forte in a recent interview. The song shows potential in the artist, proving she needs more songs to get her well known within the industry. The song takes on a mature and sensual sound without the need to go overboard with those same elements, which I thought was quite nice. Her vocals were quite good, with a good set of ad-libs at the end of the song to definitely cap off her presentation of her vocal skills. The only thing I think the song could have worked upon was its slowness. At the start, it works really well and showcases something a little different from what we are used to. But as the song progresses, it does get boring and slowly loses its appeal. But besides that, it is something worth listening to.

The music video is slapped with a 19+ rating. We open up with Jimin’s ex at the door, wanting to make amends with Jimin (after multiple arguments and fights to which she has had enough). He brings over some cake, which falls to the ground during a little pushing and shoving. He steps on the cake, falls backwards and hits his head. Jimin rushes to see whether he is okay but it appears that he had died from the fall. Just at this moment, delivery people arrive with a new appliance. Jimin panics (maybe due to her past history with him – i.e. people may know of their abusive relationship) and quickly props up in a chair at the table, allowing the delivery people to do their job without suspecting a thing. She then uses the ‘corpse’ to make it look like he is ‘alive’ and invites everyone to a party from his phone, to look like he planned the whole thing. Before the party, she hides the body under the bed. During the unwanted party, a couple enters the bedroom and start having sex (as depicted with him underneath the bed – still ‘dead’ – and definitely the cause of the 19+ rating). In the end, we see her attempting to look for him under the bed but we see that he is alive, nursing a broken back (as the bed fell on top of him), falling once again. Not too sure on what to make of the ending but maybe he is the one pulling the prank on her the whole time. It is definitely an interesting video that you might just need to watch.

A first for Jimin is some choreography for her comeback. It wasn’t too bad and added an extra element to make her performances feel a little more interesting.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating -7.7/10


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