[Review] Puzzle Moon – GWSN

It is time to look at another newly debut group, fresh from their trainee days. GWSN is a seven-member girl group formed by Kiwi Pop Media Group who made their debut last week with Puzzle Moon. The group is made up of Seoryoung, Miya, Seokyoung, Anne, Minju, SoSo and Lena and is a described bymultinational group with Korea, Japan and China represented by the members. Interestingly, each member has a Korean, Japanese and Chinese stage name, which I think is the first group to do that from their debut.

Puzzle Moon takes on that minimalistic trend that has been present in a few KPOP songs I have reviewed in the past week, though further elements are added as the song progresses towards the end. It works surprisingly well and gives off a unique vibe. The instrumentation felt like it was elements from a really cutesy song. But instead of going full-on cute, everything in between was stripped away, which goes back to my comments about how unique the song feels. I really like the simple chorus, though instead of ‘Make It Moon‘, it sounds like ‘Naked Moon‘ to me. Vocals also seem like it suits for a cutesy song so it goes well with the instrumentation. The rap has to be the winning moment of the song, as it is definitely the most intense section of the song. It gave the song some texture and intensity, which was what it needed. For a debut song, it definitely shows the group has potential. I hope they continue to make future comebacks so we can see what else the group can do!

It is clear how much the company has invested in the group. The quality of the music video is something I expect from an established group who have multiple comebacks and hits under their belt. Instead, the sets were pretty elaborate and better than sets from some other artist’s music videos. I loved the set for the choreography scene, which looked so damn good. As for the plotline of the video, I am not too sure what is going on. The ending shows the member making their descent to the moon (or Heaven possibly) after obtaining the right runes for the key. I have scrolled down into the comments on their YouTube video but I can’t find anything that explains the music video. So I am hoping someone else can interpret the video and share their thoughts! It looks very interesting and the way it was shot felt fitting for the song.

The choreography looks simple but there is a fair bit going on. I like how some of the members split away from the main group to do their own thing during the chorus and the spinning moon was really cool. I like how in-sync they are with each other, making this a very promising group (with all the aspects combined).

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 9/10

Overall Rating – 8.4/10

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