[Album Review] The Ruby (6th Mini Album) – APRIL

APRIL has returned with their 6th mini-album, The Ruby. This is my first time reviewing an APRIL album and I couldn’t pass the chance when I was very impressed with all the songs on the album. Featured on the album is Oh! My Mistake, which actually topped the KPOPREVIEWED Weekly KPOP charts for last week! So without any further delay (as I have a number of reviews to write tonight), let’s start.

The Ruby Album Cover

1..Oh-e-Oh – The first song on this track list is only a small teaser into what it going to come on this album. Oh-e-Oh has a super energetic and bright instrumental, which one of the main reasons why I enjoyed the song. The chorus is incredibly infectious, especially the killer opener to the chorus (which is just the title of the song enthusiastically projected out loud). Throw in their vocals in the song and you get a very refreshing feel to the song that starts this album on a very fun yet exciting note. (10/10)

2. Oh! My Mistake (예쁜 게 죄) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Oh! My Mistake. (9/10)

3. Love Story (이야기)Love Story is one of the songs that sounds so typical and has been attempted before. But before you jump at my throat, it is also one of the few songs that sounds so typical yet nailed well so you don’t really grow tired of it. I thought the chorus was super catchy and the hook (title repeated post-chorus) was very addictive. Vocal work for this song was also amazing. However, the autotune at the start of the second verse felt very out of place and didn’t feel right. But other than that, another good song. (9/10)

4. Love Clock – I don’t mind the song but it probably my pick for the weakest song on the entire album. There is a nice melody and the ‘Ring My Bell’ lines gives me some nostalgia. The chorus wasn’t as strong as I hoped for. I like the falsetto during the pre-chorus, which was by far my favourite section of the song. I also liked how they extended the second and final chorus (compared to the second chorus) which pushes the song to be slightly catchier. The song itself is still good but it doesn’t have me falling for it as the others did. (7/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.5/10

The Ruby Teaser Image

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