[Album Review] YES or YES (6th Mini Album) – TWICE

TWICE returned last week with a brand new mini-album, YES or YES, making this the group’s third comeback this year so far. I have reviewed both What Is Love? and Summer Nights albums, which you can find by clicking the links. YES or YES features the title track of the same title and also the Korean version of their Japanese release BDZ (link below), which the group has been promoting as well during their first week of comeback performances. So scroll down below for the album review!

YES or YES Album Cover

1..YES or YES (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of YES or YES. (9/10)

2. Say You Love Me – I really like the chorus of the song. I loved the tempo and the energy that comes from it. It feels like your typical pop song, if I was going to be objective. But there is something about the ‘You got something I want, and I have something you need’ line that makes it quite an addictive hook. I thought the guitar in the instrumental was nice during the verses and chorus. The vocals were pretty good. I liked the slow down for the ‘rap speak’ section of the song and the breezy sound, which felt quite fitting. (8/10)

3. LALALALALALA has a bright retro vibe, which I think would have been ideal in the Summer season. Nonetheless, its presence on the album was quite nice and I thought its upbeat instrumentation was very fun. I personally think the vocals could have been more interesting, but it was still quite good. I really liked the brass in the bridge, which kind of had some showtime flair. I also did like the ‘LaLaLa’ book in the chorus. It isn’t as powerful as some other hooks, but its lightness was very warm. (8/10)

4. Young & WildYoung & Wild is my favourite track (apart from the title track) on the album. It is probably their most unconventional sounding track. It feels like it has potential to be an edgy hip-hop track, but TWICE keeps it true to their roots and makes it a brighter tune. I find this unique. I liked the way they ended their choruses with the autotuned effect and the thumping in the bridge of the song, which gave that edgy feel that I mentioned before. I thought the rapping was perfect for this song, kicking up that edginess to a new level. Altogether, it becomes their most memorable b-side on this album. (9/10)

5. Sunset – I must admit that Sunset was a letdown. I thought the instrumental just didn’t feel right for the song, especially when you think about how nice the vocals were (which was practically the only part that kept the song going for me). The instrumentation was a mixture of upbeat happiness and electronic music. Yet, there were times that it felt like it was attempting to slow down for some unknown reason as the song progressed. I also felt like the instrumental was quite messy and didn’t feel that inviting. (6/10)

6. After Moon – Like all albums, the ballad is a must. And After Moon is TWICE’s ballad on the album. While TWICE isn’t technically known for their vocals, the group nails this song really well. It isn’t that mind-blowing ballad that I tend to like but it did the job of being the mandatory ballad of the album. I think if they polished the chorus to make it feel a little nicer (it isn’t their vocals that I didn’t agree with, but rather the melody) alongside the chorus, this easily could have been one of my favourite tracks. I liked the orchestral instrumental. (7.5/10)

7. BDZ (Korean Version)I previously reviewed the Japanese version of BDZ. Click here to read the full review for BDZ. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.9/10

YES or YES Teaser Image

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