[Review] Loca – FAVORITE

FAVORITE has returned with a brand new concept and sound. Through their new title track, Loca, the group is branching out from their unique and memorable Party Time debut and their more typical Where Are You From? cutesy concept. Personally, I am glad that they decided to move away from the cutesy concept because it is an overused concept within the industry. It only works when you have a song good enough to set it apart from the rest of the competition, which is what Loca aims to do by changing the sound and concept.

This wouldn’t be the first time that FAVORITE had a little exotic flair in their song. Their debut track, Party Time, had a Middle Eastern influence, which I thought gave it a defining uniqueness. For Loca, FAVORITE jumps on board the all too familiar Latin trend. However, it isn’t heavily used as other songs. Instead, the electronic dance sound is used more heavily, with the Latin influence acting as a compliment. Hence, I am not too troubled by the overused latin influence in this song. I really like the guitar during the dance breaks in the song, as they allow that influence to be kicked up a notch, the song to become energetic and bring together the song. I think the song could have used some more powerful vocals. I did think the verses were kind of bland compared to the chorus. I would have liked more of the rap throughout the song as this could have really brought more intensity to the song. But both elements were fine as is in the song. I don’t find the track all too catchy at the moment but it is memorable enough to return to.

I am a little confused about the video. To me, there isn’t a plotline despite the music video does feature some good scenes that could have been part of a plotline. Like the member messing up her hair because she thinks she doesn’t look good enough for the red dress or the member being wrapped by the rose vine, these scenes could have been interesting if someone was sabotaging them.  That could have added a nice level of darkness to the video, which I think could have complimented the song. But instead, we are left with everyone pretty much in their own scene that just doesn’t add up.

I really like the choreography for this comeback. While the moves did seem very standard, I thought they matched the song very well. I also thought the moves were elegant. My favourite bits were the dance breaks throughout the song as this allowed the members to show off some of their moves. I also liked the ‘Na Na Na’ moves at the end of the song.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10

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