[Review] All Night – ASTRO

It has been a very long wait for fans of ASTRO but the male group is finally back with their first studio album and the title track, All Night. We last saw the group officially promote a music release at the end of 2017 with Crazy Sexy Love. 2018 was incredibly bare for ASTRO, with a lack of group promotions throughout the year to further grow their fanbase. Instead, we got solo promotions, concerts and a special album (Always You) that was not promoted. The good news is that they are back and this lack of promotions will finally end today!

I am calling All Night ASTRO’s best title track so far. The song starts off quite minimalistic, with a really soft instrumental and the vocalists singing. In words, it doesn’t really sound all too good. But when you hear it, the start of the track is a nice bundle of pleasantness and freshness. For the chorus, the drop was completing unexpecting and the dance electronic sound just comes out of nowhere. And I really liked that because it makes the track become very dynamic and contrasting nicely from the pleasantness preceding it. The rapping is amazing. I really like both Rocky and JinJin’s delivery. I also like how JinJin’s section had a little bit of fun with the brief pauses, creating some texture in the song. The highlight of the song has to be Eunwoo’s ‘Such a Good Night‘, which also came out of nowhere. My description of the song probably doesn’t do it much justice so do check out All Night so you can experience what I did.

The video I thought was rather cool. Minus the delay in release due to ‘technical issues’ (whatever they may be), I thought it was a good video to show off their charms. ASTRO is working in a greenhouse and from the start, it seemed a little eerie. This feeling continues throughout the video and I was lowkey expecting something dark to happen. The closest was that vampire-like scene between Eunwoo and Rocky. It could all be in my head but I very interested to see if anyone else felt this as well. What the video does perfectly is show off the visuals off each member. Towards the end, we see each member smile, showcasing their charming looks. That left an impression on me that is so great, I am down to continually replay the music video.

And once again, ASTRO showcases freshness in their routine for All Night. I really like how they spent a large portion of the performance on the floor. That doesn’t happen all too often. I also like how they kept their moves in check with whether the sound was pleasant or explosive. The best part has to be that awesome explosive dance break at the end, which ends the performance on a solid note.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.7/10

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