[Review] No – CLC

Picked as the runner up for Most Underrated Artist of 2018 in the 2018 KPORPEVIWED Awards, CLC has returned with their latest single, No. It is featured on the group’s 8th mini-album, No. 1 (read as No One). After their amazing Black Dress release last year, I was wanting to hear more from the group. Today, it was revealed that the group was planning a comeback after Black Dress but that was ultimately cancelled. If their company could learn anything from their other groups, it should be that CLC will benefit from multiple promotional activities in one year. They deserve some attention for their edgy uniqueness.

And No is basically just that. I find it very edgy, which is in line with their more recent releases and it has this unique tone on to it, which I think draws listeners into the song. The song kicks off with a checklist, to which the members respond ‘No’ to. It is a very bold way to start the song and I quite like it. The chorus is the next best bit, with the “I Love Me‘ line quite memorable for me. The vocals are quite good. But I think the winning element, once again, is the rapping. It just works wonderfully in this track and it gives the edgy song even more edge! The instrumental reminds me of a confident model strutting their stuff on the runway. I attribute that to the deep bass in the background It also felt like it was Madonna or Kylie Minogue influenced as well. Overall, I thought No was that confident song that the group needed, especially following up from Black Dress. My only major complaint is that the song felt too short and that it went by too quickly!

Going back to how the song felt like a model strutting their stuff on the runway, it is the exact visual we get in the music video. I thought the video was quite powerful, especially when they came to the point of burning everything in the said checklist. I also like the coloured sets, which contrasted nicely with their black outfits (which added the edge to the video). I think they could have had more edge to the video (if I was going to be critical in any way) but what they did was pretty good itself.

The performance looked really cool. Not only does it feel 100% fitting for the song but they seemed to put their own modern take on some voguing in their routine. I thought that was cool. Of course, they do some strutting as well. I also like the sexiness they bring without it going overboard in any form.

Song – 9.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance –  9/10
Overall Rating – 9.3/10

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