[Album Review] No. 1 (8th Mini Album) – CLC

It is Thursday and I am finally getting around to publishing the first post for this week! It was Lunar New Year on Tuesday, so it has been a relatively slow week on the music scene and hence the lack of reviews. But today, we are going to jump start this week with an album review from CLC. The album was released last week and titled as No.1 (pronounced as No One). It contains the title track, No, that I am enjoying quite a bit in the past week or so. But what about the rest of the album? Let’s find out!

No. 1 Album Cover

1..No (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of No. (9.5/10)

2. ShowShow is one of the tracks that could have had potential as the title track. It is a little more mainstream, compared to the actual title track, which is more in your face. There is a lot of nice hooks in this track that are well appreciated, resulting in a very catchy track. The rapping in this track is spectacular and gave the song some added intensity. I liked how the vocals weren’t really as in your face. Instead, they were quite soft, complimenting the instrumental in their respective parts. I think if those were amended, the song would have been a 100% standout. I did like how they incorporated some of that electronic transitional effects. (9/10)

3. Breakdown – I liked how paced and sexy this track sounds. I personally don’t remember CLC doing anything as sensual as this, so this is quite nice. The song tackles the R&B side of music quite successful. I liked the sound of glass breaking, which gives the song some texture. I also quite liked the low bass in the background, which felt like a humming effect. I also like the trumpet brass, which added that extra needed detail to really make the song pop out. Vocally, this is a strong song despite it being more on the weaker side of things. (8/10)

4. Like It – I would describe Like It as a mash-up of the sensual side that we got from Breakdown (see above) and their current edgy style that fans are enjoying. The result of this mashup sounds good but I can see why it is chosen as a side track and not the title track. I thought the hip-hop instrumentation was quite nice. Also the instrumental, combined with the hooks of the song make the song quite addictive and ear-catching. I liked how tough the rap sounded and the vocals were quite good. (7.5/10)

5. I Need UI Need U is undeniably the brightest song of the bunch. And it is a great energetic dance track to end off the album. It feels like a Western song based on the melody of the track. I really liked the saxophone in the background during the post-chorus hook. It is quite subtle, but it manages to become a highlight of the track for me. I thought the vocals were nice, especially when they all sing together during the hooks. The rapping was unexpected as it took a softer approach. I am torn about this because I did expect it to be a little rougher to really tie the song together. But the soft approach still works exceptionally well. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.6/10

No. 1 Teaser Image

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