[Review] Noir – Sunmi

Still continuing on from today’s list of comebacks and debuts is Sunmi. Her comeback is a bit surprising as there wasn’t really a buildup to it (i..e no prior announcement or confirmation that she is coming back that I am aware of). Instead, I only caught wind of it through the sudden teasers released last week. But regardless, Sunmi has returned with Noir and this is her first comeback since Siren last year.

While I have listened to the song a few times already, I am not exactly falling in love with it straight away. Maybe a few more listens is required. I think this is because the song has a much more serious feel to it, which isn’t what I am used to. The lyrics to Noir are quite deep, which explains the serious nature of the song. The meaning, which I pinched from a YouTube comment, will be discussed in the music video section of this review as it goes hand-in-hand there. I like the slight funkiness in the instrumental, which is quite up Sunmi’s alley. I also like how it feels quite still, despite it being an upbeat song. The consistency here works really well (i.e. causes that stillness) and hence it comes off as having an eerie vibe to it. The song doesn’t seem to have too much of a hook that is memorable (yet). Though the elongated ‘Noir’ that follows the chorus does seem to be growing on me. I also liked how some of the vocals are textured (i..e the background vocals for example), which gives an interesting appeal and much-needed texture.

My interpretation is all based on the YouTube comment by Kane K, so props to him for this following excerpt. I have attached a screenshot of it below as it will be a better explanation than what I will ever give.


It is clear that the video takes a stab at social media from the very start. The cake at the start catches on fire very quickly and Sunmi grabs her phone to put it on Instagram. The exact same thing happens at the end with her car and she automatically puts it on Instagram. Essentially her character in the video cares more about likes and views than anything else and this becomes more apparent as the video progresses. One scene in the video shows her having anxiety and dislike all over her body, which seems to be at the hate she gets. But despite that, she covers the ‘un’ in ‘unfollow’ written across her chest due to her addiction to attention. So yes, it is a dark, dark world in this day and age.

We have yet to see a performance from Sunmi for this track and hence, I will update this review once we get one (and I will also be updating Monsta X’s Alligator as well then).

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – To Be Updated
Overall Rating – 7.8/10

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