[Review] gogobebe – Mamamoo

Unfortunately, I was a little busy this week (particularly last night) to write up multiple reviews (on top of the scheduled album review), so I had to push back the reviews to today. Hopefully, I hope to catch up on them today and tomorrow. But today, we are here for Mamamoo, who returned with their new single, gogobebe, just yesterday. The song is featured on their 9th mini-album, White Wind, which also happens to be the final instalment in their 4 Seasons 4 Colours series. gogobebe joins Starry Night, Egotistic and Wind Flower in that lineup.

Each of the songs we have seen in the series thus far compliments the season in which it was intended to be released. gogobebe doesn’t fit this trend at all, opting for a very upbeat and somewhat fun sounding track, atypical if we were going to consider just the season. Note how I say ‘somewhat fun-sounding’. I felt that it was borderline but there were times where the song (without the aid of the music video) didn’t necessary gave the right colours to be ‘fun sounding’. The track has this slight hip-hop influence, which was rather nice. It is slightly different from what we have seen so far. Another aspect I liked about the song was the chorus. It switches between a’ singing to chanting and back to singing’ chorus and it managed to flow effortlessly. I also liked the post-chorus hook (the ‘illuwa illuwa‘, which was rather catchy to my ears. I also thought that they didn’t use their powerhouse vocals, which I think gives the song a light feel. And this choice allows the song to really flourish more. Personally, I don’t think it is their best song ever but it is still a nice song.

If you are are a MooMoo (Mamamoo’s fanclub name), you will probably have a great insight into their playful and wild personality off the stage. And I feel like the music video does a good job of drawing on that aspect. We see the members have a boring and tiring week and it finishes off with a party invite to house number 99. The members frantically prepare themselves to attend this party (with Moonbyul’s head getting stuck in the pavement in that mess – say what?) and have a little bit of fun in the meanwhile. When they rock up to the ‘house 99’, they crash a book club meeting (which is all very peaceful), whilst a party was very obviously occurring at house no. 66 (right next door). But knowing Mamamoo, they literally started the party in house no. 99, causing everyone to have a great time. It urns out that the girls at the start of the video (featured in Wheein’s solo scene) decided to have some fun themselves and switch the house numbers. It is a very fun and colourful video, fitting with the song.

Like the video, the performance features a fun performance. There was a lot of nice moments to enjoy (sorry I don’t know the names of any of these moves, so I am just going to list the song parts) including the start of the bridge, the chanting part of the chorus and the ‘illuwa’ illuwa‘ parts of the performance. I liked their energy and their smiles make everything better.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.3/10

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