[Review] Pinky Star (RUN) – GWSN

GWSN is back with their very first comeback! The female group made their debut last year with Puzzle Moon and it featured a very puzzling music video. Now, they return with Pinky Star (RUN), which is the title track off their second mini-album, The Park In The Night (Part 2). They also seem to continue with their puzzling concept with this title track (but more on that later). While it has been fairly quiet from the group since their debut, they did participate in the rookie dominated MAMA Stage held in Korea last year.

Pinky Star is a very interesting song, as there seem to be many separate bits trying to reel you in. The good thing is that it all works in harmony and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the track. It features house-based instrumentation, which was littered with a number of effects to really draw your attention. The wooden xylophone that was layered on top of the house instrumentation during the first verse was very nice. I thought it was rather intriguing how the xylophone came back for the second verse but it was metal instead. It then progressed back to the wooden ones for the dance break (also need to mention the tempo during the dance break. So fast paced). The scratches give the song various textures, which kept the song from becoming too overwhelming. The other interesting bit was the vocals. I love the chorus to this track. The conjunction of those cutesy vocals during the first half of the chorus and the more general delivery of the second half was rather dynamic. The rapping was also commendable, as it felt just right for this track.

As mentioned previously, the video has this puzzling theme attached to it, similar to Puzzle Moon. Unfortunately, my literature isn’t as great and I have no idea what is going on in the video. The video opens up with a line that says ‘ We may be someone greater than we think we are‘ and ends with the quote ‘If you possess unique strength, it must be used for good‘ from The Doors of Perception (There is a good chance that the video may just be based on this book, as I can see some similarities between the video and what I briefly read on Wikipedia. It feels like a reach in my head, however, unless it is a very loose adaptation). But based on a comment regarding superpowers (see below), it seems like the members are awakening and using their members throughout the video (i.e. they become greater through their unique powers and we don’t see them use it for any bad purposes).  But the interpretation of the video is still up in the air. Aesthetics though are amazing and I really like the rooftop scenes with the members doing their own thing, along with the performance occurring at the same time.


I am amazed by this performance. It is really good! I really liked the short movements during the first half of the chorus. I thought it was very fitting for the music. I liked how they gave that section a somewhat cutesy vibe to really match what I said about that section above. The dance break was very intense and worked well with the fast tempo of that section.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.6/10

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