[Review] I’m So Hot – Momoland

Following a very successful 2018, Momoland has returned with a brand new title track, I’m So Hot. It is featured on the group’s 5th mini-album, Show Me. And as already mentioned, the track follows one of the biggest hits of 2018, Boom Boom, and a favourite of mine, Baam. So there are very big shoes to fill. But these shoes will not be filled by Taeha or Daisy, as they will be sitting out of promotions this time around due to health and personal reasons. It has already been promised that they will return in the next comeback.

I’m So Hot takes a retro spin to their existing formula adapted from their successful hits. The song opens up with saxophones that also doubles as the song’s instrumental hook, as it is played throughout the song and thus becoming extremely addictive as a result. I liked how it was combined with relatively simple electronic, reminding us that this is, in fact, a pop song. I have to admit that despite the blaring saxophone, I felt the instrumental was rather weak and didn’t have a bass component to really give it some definition. And I felt the chorus was rather messy with a lot going on at once. There are also other things that I enjoyed about the track. Firstly, the vocals are really good on this track. In particular, I enjoyed the vocals during the pre-chorus and that bridge-like part just before the final round of saxophone. If they can pull it off in the live performances, I think this will be a killer stage to watch out for. I also liked the rapping this time around. Yes, it clearly delved into the hip-hop genre once again. But it didn’t feel as overloaded as Baam’s rap sequence was and actually, it felt kind of fitting for the song. Overall, I’m So Hot was nice in some parts but it didn’t feel like a complete packaged.

The ladies of Momoland are showing off how they are ‘So Hot‘ as they prepare for their performance. And that was essentially the entire music video in a sentence. They did seem to have some fun along the way, though. There are some other things that I noticed that I just want to comment on. I know 1THEK now sponsors some of the music videos, especially for release on their channel, but their brand is becoming very noticeable. Like obnoxiously noticeable. I felt like the massive 1THEK brand just took away the appeal of the music video. I also don’t like their outfits as much. It seemed mediocre and didn’t feel as fitting as I hoped to the music video sets or sound of the song.

Like the song, this performance is very weak. After Baam, I expected something with a little more flair and attitude, especially since they will be explaining that they are ‘So Hot‘.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.3/10

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