[Review] Dear Diary – Yeri (Red Velvet)

As mentioned previously, I am (extremely) slowly catching up on reviews from last week. Due to another week of a high workload, I predict that catching up on reviews for the past two weeks may lead onto the next week. But that is an issue to be dealt with then. Today, I have picked Yeri’s first solo single to be the main focus. Dear Diary was released last week on Thursday and is also part of the SM Station series. The track is quite special as it is self-composed by Yeri herself. that it was self-composed by herself. We also last saw Yeri as a solo artist in her collaboration, Hair In The Air, with members of NCT Dream for the Trolls show.

Dear Diary is an acoustic ballad that I find fitting for a nice day. But it isn’t a ballad that I am falling for. I find it a bit plain for my liking and hence why I haven’t been enjoying it as much. The song has a nice piano and guitar combination, keeping true to its acoustic description throughout the entire track. I also do think the song did a nice job of showing off her vocals. We don’t see much opportunity for her to do so in the Red Velvet title tracks. so it is quite nice to hear a Yeri solo track. I did like the airy sound she brought to the background vocals, which I thought was both nice and gave a flowy feel to the song. To me, the song is very straight forward and doesn’t have much to really create a cause for me to stay. I would be happy to listen to the song if it appeared on my playlist, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to really find and play it.

The music video is slightly better. I really like the simplicity of the music video and how this flowed to even the effects of the video. For example, I liked the snapshots of her footage appearing throughout the video. But rather than flashbacks or some fancy transition, they are just layered on top of the main scene as rectangles. There was no editing of colours or borders. Just straight forward footage on one another. I also enjoyed the lighting of the video. Really gave the song a homely feel. There was some dryness to the video which may have stemmed from the song. But overall, I thought it was a nice video to still watch.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Overall Rating – 5.8/10

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