[Album Review] White Wind (9th Mini Album) – Mamamoo

Mamamoo returned last week with the very last instalment to their 4 Seasons 4 Colours project. It is in the form of their 9th mini-album, White Wind, and the title track, gogobebe (link below). It definitely has been an interesting and worthwhile project, as we got enjoyable and well-liked tracks every few months. This is something MooMoos have been appreciating from the group. And now that it is over, I think everyone hopes the girls will be able to have a long rest before for their future activities. But before we say goodbye to the project for one last time, let’s have a look at their album!

White Wind Album Cover

1..Where R U – To me, Where R U is a flowy R&B track that showcases the lighter side of the group’s vocals. If you are looking for a song that showcases their signature power vocals, then this isn’t the song for you. Instead, the softness is what speaks volumes in this song. The instrumental say compliments the softness of their vocals, opting for a simple and light house instrumental. I think another thing that I don’t speak too much about Mamamoo is the fact they manage to be extremely cohesive as a group in their songs. And this is a recipe for success, as established by this song. My personal favourite part of the song has to be the bridge, due to the presence of the heavy drum beats, which is what the song needed. (9/10)

2. gogobebe (고고베베) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of gogobebe. (8/10)

3. Waggy (쟤가 걔야) – Mamamoo goes softer with Waggy. The song feels like it is one of their gag songs and I think the live stages lead us in that direction. But rather, the song seems to like their crush to an extremely cute puppy. Or that they are directing the lyrics just at a puppy. It is a light-hearted song that really makes the song sound fun. I thought the trumpets were a nice addition to the light song. There are two other things about the members that I want to quickly point out (and yes, their vocals are superb here). Moonbyul shines the most for me. I really like her vocal lines that came out so smooth and her rapping was quite fitting. Finally, I love how Hwasa sang some French and Solar responded with ‘what are you saying?’. It made me chuckle and gives confirmation of that fun vibe. (8.5/10)

4. 2525 is Wheein’s solo song on the album. And she does a really nice job with this ballad-like track. From what we know already, Wheein has a very nice voice. And 25 does an amazing job of highlighting this. I thought the slight breathiness to her vocals gave the song a very nice texture. I think the main issue with the song for me was the instrumental. It didn’t necessarily captivate me, which left Wheein’s vocals a very large gap to fill. Yes, there was some buildup along the way, but I felt like it wasn’t enough and hence it felt too consistent from start to end. Unfortunately, that was the case and it left feeling slightly disappointed with the song. (6/10)

5. Bad ByeBad Bye deviates from what we heard so far on the album. It is a power ballad, showcasing that noticeably absent powerful vocal form that the group is more commonly known for. They put a lot of emotion into the song, fitting in the with the clear message that comfort isn’t always a good thing in a breakup. There is no doubt that their vocals were flawless. But can we take a moment to discuss the amazing rap sequences that Moonbyul got to bring to the song? I was floored with her delivery and how it managed to also pack a punch during this emotionally-driven song. My favourite part, once again, is the bridge. Why? Well, we hear all the members in a short time frame and it shows how well they compliment each other. (10/10)

6. My Star – When I think of a song named My Star, I don’t think of something dramatic, edgy or powerful. But that is what Mamamoo’s version of My Star is. And it is extremely drawing, as a result. The extremely heavy beat really makes this song stand out, alongside their vocals which take that powerful form once again. It is one of those songs that you need to listen to really feels its energy and punches. No text description would do this song justice. It left me speechless. (10/10)

7. 4Seasons (Outro Track) – I don’t review outro (or intro) tracks as they tend to be instrumental-based only. This has vocals, hence I felt the need to talk about. On top of that, 4Seasons is the final song of the entire series, so I think that is a bigger motivation to quickly describe the track. The song is an R&B track with an airy feel. It has great vocals and wraps up the entire series in a breezy manner, which I think was very suiting for a series about seasons and the weather. I like it for its length, which felt just right. I think this is the style that I don’t enjoy at full length. But this was good and satisfying to my ears. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.5/10

White Wind Album Teaser

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