[Review] Awake – JBJ95

Yesterday, JBJ95 made their very first comeback since their debut back in October last year with Home. Now, they are Awake with their second mini-album, which shares the same name as their title track. As far as I am concerned, I haven’t heard much of the duo since their debut, which I thoroughly enjoyed even after its release. Let’s hope Awake manages to leave the exact same impression on me.

The very first thing that hits me in regards to the song is how similar it is to SHINee’s more recent releases. The song is of a house genre, which may be the reason why it felt so similar to SHINee’s tracks. But JBJ95 still manages to put their own spin on it. The song seems like it is more suited for a warmer climate but I think that is how the genre is set up. The song features a very nice drop into an upbeat instrumental. I also found that the instrumental was not overpowering in any way, which I think was rather nice and benefits the song greatly. The chorus was also quite catchy, which makes the song very memorable and appealing. Paired with a nice set of vocals from the duo, the song manages to feel refreshing for my standards. I also liked the trap-influenced rapping, which I think gave a nice kick to the song. It also kept the song from becoming too repetitive, which was much appreciated as the song could have easily gone into that mode. Overall, Awake is quite good and definitely catchy enough to get me listening to it some more.

I thought the music video was really good. Interestingly, we don’t see any choreography scenes, which is a little different to what we see typically. Usually, songs of this nature will have choreography shots but that was noticeably absent. Instead, they compensated with a fair amount of closeups for each member. Not only that, but the video included some abstract explosions created by some modelling software. I am a major fan of this in my life (based on the amount of Instagram accounts that I follow who post these really modern yet sleek videos of art). So, I thought they were a really cool addition to the video. I also like the pale colour palette that they went for and how they paired it with the music drops, which makes the viewing and listening experience a lot better.

Unfortunately, there is no live performance for Awake yet. A little disappointed but I guess we just have to wit for their comeback stages, which I think starts tomorrow. I will update soon during the weekend (and after my many reports are submitted).

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – TBA
Overall Rating – 8.4/10

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