[Review] Bomb Bomb – KARD

Now let’s get back on track with the new releases of the day. KARD makes their long-awaited comeback with Bomb Bomb. It is their first since Ride On The Wind, which was released back in July of last year. Like JBJ95, I have also been out of the loop for KARD and not exactly sure what they have been doing since Ride On The Wind. But I have been going back to their previous tracks every now and then, which is definitely a great thing given the number of artists that I need to keep up with for this site.

Based on the visuals of the teasers, you know that Bomb Bomb will be edgy and very intense. And KARD delivers with the song being very well described by those two words. The song does have a foreign element to it, which does make it very unique. I attribute this to the slightly scratched and sketchy moombahton beats that are displayed dominantly throughout the choruses of the song. I really like the explosive energy that the song manages to give off during the chorus. It makes the song very appealing and memorable. I really liked BM’s part during the drop, which gave a hint of suspense. His rappings during the second verse was also a drawing point to the song. The instrumental was dropped from the song for his part, which was very different from the rest of the song. But he manages to stay in line and continue the song’s momentum using his deep tone. The other members didn’t feel like they were given that shining moment they deserve. They had good moments but not good enough.

Bomb Bomb also brings some visual heat to the comeback through the music video. Every member was rather sexy in their own way, which I think is amazing. Usually, they give that role to one person but everyone here managed to flourish. It seems like that ending was done to really provide an extra minute or so of the sexy appeal that the members had. Personally not sure if it was necessary but it did feel a void that otherwise would have made the video feel incomplete (I think its due to the fast nature of the song, it ended too quickly and hence the video would have shared that same feeling). I also like the Middle Eastern concept they had going on during the video. It seems to be a trend in KPOP now, given how the concept has emerged in many videos over the past year.

Watching the choreography scenes from the music video has me excited for their comeback stages. Small things like matching tempos and how they split off during the verses really make it look captivating. And the use of backup dancers seems to hype up the performance a little more, which makes it even more captivating.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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