[Review] Hollywood – AB6IX

Did anyone know that AB6IX would be releasing their pre-debut track today? I haven’t been paying too much to teasers lately, but I do have an understanding of when certain artists will be making their comeback. Not that I am complaining, though. AB6IX is a brand new male group under Brand New Music. They are one of the highly anticipated debuts of the year as the group consisting of two former Wanna One members (Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin), the MXM duo (Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Min) and newly revealed Jeon Woong.

Their pre-debut single is title Hollywood. Right off the bat, it throws intensity and edginess right at you. It is overwhelming to an extent but in a good way. Not often do songs leave me shaking and wanting more. It could be the cold climate that I am in at the moment but I like to think that it was the song’s effect on me. The song takes on dance trap elements, something that is a little different from the usual electronic and EDM music get nowadays from other releases. The line ‘Welcome To My Hollywood‘, especially Park Woo Jin’s opener, was very impactful but in a subtle way. To me, the rapping was definitely the other highlight of the song. It went extremely well with the intensity. That being said, the vocals were really good as well but the focus just wasn’t on them, unfortunately. I thought the mad energy rush during the final chorus was ideal, as the song needed a little extra push in that department or else it would have been a tad too consistent. Overall, Hollywood leaves me wanting more, perfect for a pre-debut single.

Unfortunately, this is only a performance video. So, there was mainly choreography shots throughout the video. I think the video started off with just the MXM members watching television and wearing their old outfits. But after a while, they get up and stare at the door, before walking through it to the set of the Hollywood music video (Who else noticed the locks were on the hinged side of the door?). One of the members takes off their jacket and MXM become appropriately clothed alongside the rest of the group. After that, it mainly choreography shots and a very surprise announcement at the end, informing fans that the 22nd of May will be their debut date. Mark your calendars because we will only be counting down days from now.

The choreography was amazing. It was extremely fitting for the intensity and I think pairing the song and choreography together just made everything so much more appealing. My favourite section has to be the entire routine for the final chorus as it makes that rush of energy even better!

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.7/10

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