[Review] ME & YOU – EXID

EXID returns today!. If you haven’t heard yet, EXID will be entering an indefinite hiatus as Hani and Junghwa chose to not renew their contracts with their current company, Banana Culture. Despite the label changes, the group will be remaining together (just under various companies). But given how groups who are scattered between companies don’t make comebacks, it does look quite grim for EXID (even though they are still contracted in Japan as a five-member group and seem confident that they will be returning as a quintet sooner than later). But this means that this will be their last comeback for some time. And as an avid EXID fan, I am very saddened to hear this news.

Their latest title track is titled Me & You and I think it is another fantastic song to their portfolio. It is a little different (like I Love You) from their more popular hits like Up & Down and Ah Yeah. Firstly, the song seems to conform to trends in the industry nowadays. I am referring to their instrumental only chorus, which I thought was a really good beat drop. It particularly contrasted nicely with the more acoustic start and almost still-like verses. Secondly, I also liked how the song focused more on vocals/raps, rather than repetitive hooks. In particular, Hyerin managed to use her vocals that she built up during Solji’s absence in the song, which I was slightly worried that she would not be able to anymore. All other members sound really nice and LE’s rap provided a very appealing rush of energy and intensity. I like that buildup to the party-like and dynamically instrumented ending of the song, once again contrasting nicely with the verses of the song. It does cap off the energy well. Personally, I don’t find the song as catchy as their previous tracks. But I do predict that the song will become very addictive very soon (especially after writing this review due to my repetitive listens).

I think the contrast between the verses and the more upbeat chorus/ending was shown well in this video. The verses were highlighted by the use of black and white scenes, along with the lack of movements within the red sets (with the latter being very elegant looking). I thought the members looked very beautiful in their wedding inspired outfits during these closeup scenes. But the chorus and end take a turn by showcasing more of the choreography, shaky camera shots and the neon party outfits. Both are highly fitting with their parts of the song. I like the music video and thought it was rather cool.

Due to an injury, LE’s participation in the performance was quite limited. While this can’t be helped, I did miss her during the chorus. I really like the elegant nature of the choreography during the pre-chorus, before they get into the more intensive chorus. I thought the ending section was really cool and definitely the moves made the ending feel more bombastic.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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