[Review] Picky Picky – Weki Meki

Yesterday, Weki Meki made their return to the stage with their latest single, Picky Picky. Once again, I was a tad busy to actually write any reviews yesterday. But it is here today. This is Weki Meki’s first comeback since the dynamic release of Crush in October of last year.

Picky Picky continues their ‘girl crush’ sound that they had as part of their Crush release. I thought the track had a nice edgy tone, which I really enjoyed. A prime example of the edginess came during the start and end of the song, which I thought was very addictive. The autotune really helped out with this section. The main hook of the track, the ‘I’m So Picky Picky‘ repetition was also quite nice but it wasn’t as impactful as the intro and outro of the track. But as the hooks drew my attention to the song, the verses became very forgettable. I am not sure why that is the case though. I thought the vocals were nice but they weren’t as memorable. The rapping was amazing but that is because I am already biased and the rapping in the song was mainly the intro/outro of the track (which I have already stated that I really enjoyed a few times). Overall, the track had a pleasing rush of energy and ended up being a decent track to follow on from the likes of Crush.

But I was not impressed was the schoolgirl concept they went with. Compared to the previous comeback (which is my standard for this review, if you have not realized), the use of a school girl concept for an edgy concept was rather odd and looked out of place (especially since they went with a private school girl look). Maybe it was their intention to be different but it just doesn’t work for me. What also didn’t work for me was their use of aegyo in the video, which also seemed out of place. It isn’t as overwhelming as other videos but there was enough to cause a negative reaction. As for the plotline, the girls blow up the science lab; get detention (which forced them to clean the music room); they ended up discovering a whole bunch of guitars, and started their band. I liked it as it went with the edgy sound but did not see where the aegyo really fitted in. For the most part, it is bearable but the above are thoughts I have in the back of my mind.

While I thought the verses in the song were forgettable, the opposite happened when it came for the choreography. I thought the moves for the verses looked dynamic and more interesting than the chorus. The main hook of the song felt slightly awkward for some odd reason. I really liked the final set of moves, where they moved as a group with the exception of one member. On top of that, I thought how they ended with the start was rather cool.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 6.9/10

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