[Review] Beautiful Days – Lovelyz

Reviews for the new releases of this week will be posted in the coming days. Apologies for the delay. 

Returning to the stage this past Monday was Lovelyz, who has returned with Beautiful Days. This new song is the title track off their 6th mini-album, Once Upon A Time, which also dropped the same day. We last saw the group through their Lost N Found promotions back in November last year. It has been relatively quiet from the girls since then, especially after what can be seen as a successful year for the group in terms of promotions (2018 saw them win their first music show and third set of concerts).

Given that the industry is now at full speed for the upcoming Summer season, it expected that some releases suiting the Summer season will be flowing in right about now. And you can definitely leave it to Lovelyz to bring a refreshing tone with their suitable track. I find the song to be quite light despite it being heavy with some synths. It is definitely extremely difficult to get that balance and Lovelyz nails it. The instrumental was nice. Once again, they go for a retro synth-pop but I like the mix of classical for the bridge. The vocals were nice but they didn’t offer anything new to really comment about. What Lovelyz does is stick to what they do best. The song felt safe than anything else, fitting in what I would consider a little too neatly with the rest of their portfolio. Beautiful Days is still listenable and definitely something you would associate with the group. But it just didn’t feel memorable when you consider the song as a whole.

I think pairing the song with the music video made the song feel a lot more beautiful. I am not exactly sure about what the video is about. But maybe that ‘association to Lovelyz’s past track’ was intentional. I say this because I noticed some aspects of this video showcasing some of their past concepts. The ball with the solar system rolling around reminded me of the spinning shots in Destiny. One of the members was holding a picture of the group during their Twinkle promotions. And the colour scheme for one of the dance sense is giving me very strong flashbacks but I cannot pinpoint which comeback (I think Destiny). But this won’t impact what I said before. I personally think it is a nice video for the group. It looked elegant and hazy filter didn’t impact the overall colour scheme of the video.

I think the performance is the best aspect of the group’s comeback. They bring a feminine charm that I cannot help but watch from start to end. I really like the complexity of the chorus and the fact that they kept in sync with each other. You usually don’t get that feeling with female groups. But given that they are from the same company who brought you Infinite (the original kings of that noticeably in-sync choreography), it was a given.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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