[Review] Begin Again – Kim Jae Hwan

This week, we continue that reunion of Wanna One that we saw a few weeks back. The ‘next’ member to return to the industry is Kim Jae Hwan, who was the only member to resign with Swing Entertainment for his solo promotions (i.e. the company that Wanna One was signed under when they were promoting as a group). While it has been a while since we have heard from Kim Jae Hwan, the artist made his official debut on Monday with Begin Again, the title track on his first mini-album, Again.

It is the expectation that the main vocalists of a group would make their debut with a ballad. We have seen this happen countless times and Kim Jae Hwan was no exception. I personally thought the ballad was rather nice. It takes on a typical piano and classical instrumental approach. So there isn’t really much to comment on in this aspect. But there many that can be made about his vocals. I like how they do shine brightly over the typical instrumental. You can his voice with no hindrance, which I think was smart. I find his voice to be charming from his previous works as part of Wanna One and I think Begin Again showcases this charming nature nicely. I also like the melody that presents itself in the chorus, which acted as a very flowy effect which I am known to enjoy. I particularly enjoyed the ending, especially how he came at us with high note after high note. It definitely gave the typical approach some uniqueness.

The video shows a couple (played by Kim Jae Hwan and actress Kim Yoo Jung). They were all lovey-dovey before, where they were playful with one another. However, something caused him to depart from the relationship (based on the lyrics). And something brought them back together again (the running around different floors scene). I am not sure about these two aspects of the video. But we see them exchange gifts (I guess as a restart to their relationship). He gives her a dress, while she gives him an emotional letter. Flash forward to the future where I think they are getting married or engaged. She wears his dress and they exchange rings. However, Kim Yoo Jung gets cold feet afterwards and takes away his ring, which I guess shows that she can’t go forward knowing how he left her and hence was unable to ‘Begin Again‘. I think this was a nice twist in the emotional love stories we see in music videos. However, I do want to know why he left her and the rest of that middle bit that I am not too sure about.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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