[Review] Breathe – AB6IX

AB6IX may have been part of that big Wanna One reunion week back in May, which saw Yoon Ji Sung, Bae Jin Young, Hwang Min Hyun (as part of NU’EST) return with music. AB6IX made released their pre-debut track, Hollywood, which left a lasting impression that particular week. And it was promised at the end of the music video for Hollywood that the group would make their debut on the 22nd of May. Well, that day has finally arrived (it was yesterday!) and the five-member group have officially debuted with Breathe.

As I said, Hollywood left an impression on me. Breathe definitely tries to make that same lasting impression but I am confident in saying that the song fell short of that goal. At least, it has for the number of listens I have given the track. The house track definitely has aesthetics, namely that very sleek drop that started off the chorus. It was groovy and definitely appealing. I personally thought that was a really cool aspect of the song. Likewise, I felt the rapping to be another great aspect. Woojin’s deep voice, in particular, was so fitting for the song. The vocals were also definitely another highlight for me. However, the song did feel underwhelming as a whole. I wanted the rush of energy. I wanted something to really make them stand out of the crowd. I wanted something that comes off Hollywood‘s high and really drills AB6IX’s name into my mind. This was good but it didn’t deliver on those desires I had for AB6IX.

I like the video’s edgy vibe. And I feel like the images we saw on the screen really gave off an urban vibe, which I think is equally as suitable for the track. I find the smokiness or the haziness in those scenes other than the choreography was very fitting for the song’s title. I like how it added an extra mysterious layer to the video (or was that just me). I enjoyed how they converge at the end together, which I think ties up the video nicely. I also like their dance set (the one shown in the featured image). Another set but quite cool looking.

I found the performance to be very captivating. I really liked how they linked arms with each other just before the chorus. I thought that was really cool and definitely unique. I have rewatched the performance from today a few times already and I keep on picking up something new each time. I also like the energy in this performance. Not too crazy and upbeat, as that would be mismatching with the song. Instead, it is more subtle.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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