[Review] Red Sun (021) – GWSN

GWSN is one of those girl groups that you know has so much potential. It hurts me to know that there are people missing out on their talent. Their last comeback, Pinky Star (Run), showed it all with a catchy song, an amazing concept for this music video and a choreography routine that was so different to everyone else’s. And today, the girl group from Kiwi Pop returns with a brand new track, Red Sun (021). Let’s see if the group can repeat the same effect their previous comeback had.

Red Sun features house-based instrumentation and wooden xylophone-like percussion, very similar to Pinky Star. It concerned for a little bit that they were gonna ‘clone’ their previous comeback track. However, as we get further into the song, it starts to change. The song featured a complete slow down for the pre-chorus and a heavier EDM drop for the chorus. This alone changed the atmosphere completely, allowing for the distinct differentiation between the two title tracks. I also found the rapping in this song to feature a hip-hop instrumental backing, which made the rapping even more powerful. The vocals were also quite good. I find it quite interesting that they managed to use the exact vocal sound for all their songs thus far.  I think the decent hooks and melody in the track were the weakest point. They aren’t automatically ear-catching like Pinky Star. But given the dynamic nature of the instrumental, I think a few extra listens will be enough to engrave this song into my mind alongside its predecessor.

The group continues their puzzling music video concept with this one. I am in no way capable of determining the storyline behind this video. But my biggest guess thus far is that this is somehow connected with the music video for Pinky Star (and possibly Puzzle Moon as they are all part of one album series). The main reason why I think this is that the tree growing in the book in this video resembles the white tree that we observe in the Pinky Star music video. The way the video came was shot gave me similar vibes (which I enjoyed). I am also reading elsewhere that the video shows the members coming together again, signifying that they will be departing from this concept as a group and will return as a group with a new concept. There seems to be a little more to the story than that and I would love to hear some interpretations.

The group moves around a fair bit. But observing their performance, I saw them snap back into their right positions and move in sync with one another. While this is now an ordinary thing in KPOP, I still think this is a cool aspect that some groups just cannot show in their dances or achieve. So it is definitely worth mentioning. On top of that, I found their formations to be very unique throughout the performance, all contributing to a captivating stage.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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