[Review] Run Away – IN2IT

It has been a while since we heard from IN2IT. I have discussed this before, that large gaps don’t really do well for smaller groups in the industry. So it will be interesting to see how IN2IT will bounce back from this gap. Doing a quick search of my site (which you can do yourself in the grey area at the bottom of each page) shows that their last comeback (Sorry For My English) that I reviewed was one year ago. But finally, the group has managed to stop that gap by returning with their latest single, Run Away, today.

I don’t think we ever heard IN2IT do such a song with an edgy vibe. It is hard to categorise all of their songs into one category, mainly because they have all been different from one another. But as soon as the song kicked off with its rock instrumental, you know that this song showcases a completely different side of the group. While the song does have a rock style, the song still manages to come off as a dance track, rather than a band track. There is an air of typicalness as the song doesn’t manage to showcase anything ‘new’ or ‘different’. But there is some freshness due to the instrumental. I thought the vocals were great. But I think the winning element for this song was the rapping (as I have mentioned a number of times already for other tracks). This track really zoned into the rapping and allowed the rappers to show their intensity without being overly rough and feel out of place. I also enjoyed the bridge and that launch into the final chorus, which effectively built some suspense up before closing out the song. Overall, Run Away is a cool song. 

I think the typicalness is felt most during the music video. Minus the standard choreography and closeup (these were quite good) combination that this music video went for, there isn’t much else in the video to talk about. With a song titled Run Away, there is a bit of running in the video. But rather from capture or some crazed life-threatening situation, the group seems to be running away from darkness. So that ending with them happy and smiley, just felt dull. I just felt they could have been a little more creative with the music video, in other words.

Unlike the music video, the choreography joins the ranks with the song by being the better elements of the comeback. The intensity they showed really went well with the song’s edgy nature. Even though it does have that ‘done before’ style, the performance still looked quite cool.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

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