[Review] Devil – CLC

One girl group that has been on a roll this year is CLC. If I can remember correctly, this is their third comeback of the year and no other group has returned this many times in the year thus far. So for those who have missed out on the powerful CLC so far (where have you been?!), they released No in January and then Me in May. Now, the group is back with Devil. While I do hope these ladies have been having breaks in between their comebacks, I am sure they (and their fans) are feeling blessed, as this has been their most active year yet!

Devil is a bright, colourful and upbeat track. But more importantly, it is something that reminds me of their earlier works. Sure, the cutesy sound isn’t there, as it is replaced by the group’s newfound fame with the mature sound. But it is still rather close. I wouldn’t think the group would change gears like this, especially since it seems like listeners are finally warming up to their powerful and dominating sound. But I guess, they have to throw in a different sound once in a while. The song also takes a retro approach with its instrumental, which feels very KPOP-like. Despite this colorful direction, I found the track to have a little bit of edginess, through the piano/keyboard at the start/during the bridge. It was subtle,. But as I was expecting something robust like their last two tracks, it managed to come off in that manner. I thought the vocals were rather strong and made the chorus stand out some more. I liked the melody but I wanted a stronger hook to the chorus. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if I start humming the chorus in the coming days. I am also glad that they allowed Yeeun to keep her hip-hop flair. Overall, Devil was a great track and a nice change to their now- usual style.

I guess the saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ applies here. The music video started off like most cutesy videos. Very colourful and bright. The members were sitting around a table, with a cake on it. We then see the members live their normal lives, with another member elsewhere in the scene. And it seems like there is some sort of fight or beef going on in the video, as each member is plotting something against another. Seunghee purposely throws darts at Eunbin, Sorn is playing with fire around Seunghee, Sorn was lightly shoved off the chair by Yeeun, Elkie dropped a cactus on top of Yeeun’s head, Eunbin vacuumed Eikie’s hair, Yuijin was playing with the painful legos under Seungyeon’s bed and Seungyeon was leaving bars of soap under Yujin. I was already hooked with all of this. But then the video takes a turn, going towards the member’s dark side. The cake table turned into something more sinister with eyeballs and the chopped off heads of dolls. The colour is gone and it is all replaced by darkness. Even their outfits turned into black and leather. It is a very interesting video and definitely something worth watching a few times.

I am basing this off the music video. But I thought the way they started off the performance was very like their early works. As for the rest of the performance, I didn’t really find much worth talking about. Maybe they have kept hidden the better parts. But I can’t really make a comment about that until I see it.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.9/10

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