[Weekly Chart] 4th Week of October 2019

Welcome back to the blog. I would like to firstly apologize for my absence. I know I have given warnings about my impending absence. I just didn’t expect it to be so much longer than I had hoped for. For example, I would have restarted the reviewing process during the week. But some issues came up with my work and I had to fix them, which resulted in delays. I was supposed to return yesterday but Internet troubles prevented me from doing so. Today, I hope to upload 2 songs reviews after this chart. The rest of the reviews will slowly trickle through during the week. The album reviews will be restarted this Tuesday (No Past Album Reviews for November). And the ‘Upcoming Reviews’ Page will be published this week (yes, I promised this many times already but things just got in the way).

For the charts this week, Jung Daehyun’s Aight finds itself in the top spot! This is s followed by ONEUS’ Lit, AB6IX’s Blind In Love, Seventeen’s Fear and Stray Kids’ Double Knot. I also believe this is the first week that no new songs made their debut in the Top 10, which is extremely rare. Blame me for this as I was unable to listen to the new releases much this week, resulting in their lower than expected rankings (than usual).

For more of the charts, scroll down below.

20th Oct – 26th Oct 2019
Title Artist Status
1 Aight Jung Daehyun (▲ 8)
2 Lit ONEUS (▲ 20)
3 Blind In Love AB6IX (▲ 2)
4 Fear Seventeen (▲ 8)
5 Double Knot Stray Kids (▲ 9)
6 Good BAM N.Flying (=)
7 Jopping SuperM (▲ 9)
8 Why ONF (▼ 6)
9 I Go Kim Ji Yeon (Kei – Lovelyz) (▼ 6)
10 Firework Laboum (▼ 2)
11 Run Away TXT (new)
12 Deja Vu Dream Catcher (▲ 22)
13 Forever Love Yoo Youngjae (new)
14 Find You Monsta X (new)
15 Dear Love Lee Hyunsik (BTOB) (▼ 11)
16 Sweet Chaos DAY6 (new)
17 Blah 1THE9 (▲ 2)
18 Love Me NU’EST (new)
19 Good Bye Wheein (Mamamoo) (▲ 11)
20 Quit FT Island (▲ 6)
21 SUPER Clap Super Junior (▼ 1)
22 Devil CLC (▼ 4)
23 Wonderland ATEEZ (▼16)
24 Workaholic BOL4 (▼ 14)
25 LALALAY Sunmi (▲ 10)
26 Rock Paper Scissor M.O.N.T (▲ 6)
27 Dumb Litty KARD (=)
28 Feel Special TWICE (▼ 27)
29 Flash X1 (▲ 1)
30 Regulus ONEWE (▼ 5)

Songs leaving the charts this week include:

  • Blurry – Kim Keok Heon & Song Yu Vin
  • LALALAY – Sunmi
  • Flash – X1
  • Regulus – ONEWE
  • Rock Paper Scissors – M.O.N.T
  • Stay Beautiful – Park Jimin

Thank you very much for waiting and I will see you very soon with new reviews!

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