[Review] Run Away – TXT

And finally, it is time to catch up on some of these reviews that I have missed out over the last week. First up is TXT, who made their much-anticipated comeback with Run Away and The Dream Chapter: Magic mini-album on Monday. This is the rookie group’s first comeback since their debut with Crown and The Dream Chapter: Star earlier this year. Since then, they have released a few music videos which I have yet to review (this is my implicit way of saying that they will be!) including Cat N Dog and Nap Of A Star.

I try to keep my reviews as honest as possible. So I will start off with this statement. I wasn’t much of a song when it was first released. It felt a little too plain for my liking. But over the past week, I have been listening to Run Away (otherwise known as 9 and Three Quarters) a few more times and I am now digging the song. I now found it very catchy and vibrant, which was different from my original thoughts. The melody of the song and its instrumental are two draw points. The melody I find rather simple but this makes it easy to follow and hum to. Their vocals are good but not the best of the week. The rock-infused instrumental gives the song a little more intensity to what could have been a standard sounding pop track. I particularly like the music box/circus-like sound that trickles in during the pre-chorus. It gives a little quirk to the song that really made it even more unique. I didn’t enjoy it in the bridge, however, which I think could have been where they up the intensity to bring the song home. Overall, a pretty good comeback track.

KPOP has gone a long way. Videos get more and more confusing as time progresses. TXT comes from the same company that houses BTS and very likely share the same team that comes up with these complex and confusion-inducing music videos. It seems like the common theory regarding the song and music video is about escaping reality. It seems like the guys are considered to be the ‘outsiders’ as they don’t interact with anyone around them but with only each other. There may also be some hints towards bullying in the video. I think the most important element of the video is the door. The door at the end signifies a way out. Something the members could have easily take. But instead, they put it on fire. I don’t think it is meant to burn down the door but the fire is intended to block the members (The door doesn’t appear burnt and the fire at the start of the video continued to burn, causing little damage to the book). Why should they run, when they could be themselves and not care about others, which was what I think the video wrapped up on. Though there are some things I still unsure about. There are some theory videos floating on the internet which may be of some interest. Overall, I thought it was a well-produced music video.

I thought the performance was a very strong and powerful routine, fitting for the music. I really liked the routine during the pre-chorus and the overall chorus routine as well. I do find it interesting how they leave Huening Kai to be the final member on stage. Not exactly sure what the intention of this is.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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