[Review] Follow – Monsta X

Monsta X makes their official return today with Follow. A fair bit has happened with the group, with all of it revolving around their overseas promotions. Since their last Korean comeback (Alligator), Monsta X has released Play It Cool, Who Do You Love, Love U and Someone’s Someone in the US. The group has also embarked on their world tour. And now, the group is back in Korea to promote their 7th mini-album, Follow: Find You. The group also dropped (unexpectedly) the music video for Find You and I will review that at a later date.

Follow brings together the use of a Korean traditional instrument (don’t know which one) and the modern EDM. There is one recent example that did this as well (Lit by ONEUS) which managed to maintain the Eastern influence in their song. Monsta X differs by using the Eastern influence like a detail within its instrumental while focusing on the Western EDM sound for the majority of the song. None of these combinations is superior over the other as both bring different ‘final’ sounds to the table. What I do like about Monsta X’s song is that it manages to infuse a load of energy into the mix, which I think makes this song feel a lot more inviting. It is something that I have come to associate with Monsta X. The vocal work was pretty good. But it is Joohoney and I.M’s rapping that really reflect well with the energy and adds a very dynamic component to the song. I feel like rapping, especially, nowadays can be very straight forward and one-dimensional. Here, you can feel their personality and the intensity in their segments, which adds to the appeal of the song.

As the song is quite fast-paced, the editing goes hand-in-hand. Once again, I think there is a story somewhere in the midst of the video. There will be some reason to why Hyungwon became the shining radiant sun in the video. I am not going to guess what the video is about, however, as I have no clue. Out of all the individual scenes, I thought Joohoney and I.M to be the most captivating. It might because I already find their segments in the song alluring. But their scenes looked really more dynamic in comparison to the rest of the group. 

Once again, the performance is a very strong element in this comeback. The routine during the chorus is enough proof of this. I really like the mini bounces they make during the entire performance, which probably made the less complicated looking performance a lot harder to execute. I also liked how Hyungwon (along with Minhyuk), who often doesn’t get many lines in their songs, a chance to shine within the choreography, as he was in the centre for the key parts of the performance.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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