[Double Review] Abandoned + Wonder Woman – Brown Eyed Girls

It has been over 4 years since we last had a comeback from Brown Eyed Girls. Boy, have I missed them (and I am sure you did as well). Today, the quartet breaks the drought with a full group comeback. Returning with Re_vive (their 7th studio album to date), the comeback features double title tracks and they are titled Abandoned and Wonder Woman.

Abandoned is the first song that I wanted to discuss. It is a ballad. And given Brown Eyed Girls discography, it is a really good fantastic and also a song that they can only pull off. The song is quite haunting yet breathtaking at the same time. Within the first listen, the song gave me chills and this was thanks to their vocals, which are layered on top of the classically driven instrumental that is quite eerie sounding. Their vocals were the main focus throughout the song, which is something I really enjoy with Brown Eyed Girls. From the whisper-like vocals at the start to the dramatic rush they give us at the end, the four nail the song. But I really like about the song is the buildup. It is perfection in my point of view. The song progresses, going from soft to dramatic, which I really like. The icing on the cake is Miryo’s rapping during the bridge, which gave the song a peak that I would never have imagined. And it was a great way of incorporating Miryo into the song, using her powerful rapping talents to give that impact.

Wonder Woman is the second title track and it a complete change-up. It is a lot brighter and upbeat, which isn’t something that Brown Eyed Girls is known for. But at the same time, it is different from the bright and upbeat tracks we often get in the industry. There is a bit of retro influence in the instrumental, which gives it an appealing sound. I also found the song to be quite catchy and I can see myself listening to the song a fair bit in the coming weeks. The song focuses purely on vocals, with JeA, Narsha and Gain really well utilised. There are some things that don’t have been feeling as positive in comparison to Abandoned. I am a little confused with which part the chorus is. And Miryo’s part was quite underwhelming. I think if she had a stronger section, this would have lifted the song to a whole new level.

The main reason why this is a double review is due to music videos. I think they are interlinked but they are shot so well that they can be standalone. I am also not sure of the order, but this is my theory.  Abandoned shows the three vocalists as brides trapped in an abandoned house. It seems like they are abandoned by the guy, who comes looking for them in the first place. He tries to search for them but is unable to reach them as they are already dead. How so? Well, Jack seems to be the killer and ‘The Jack’ in this video is played by Miryo, who seems to toys with his feelings throughout the video. It was later revealed (via the framed book pages on the walls) that the guy had killed himself after the three vocalists (actually sisters) are convicted of being witches (due to Jack’s false information) and assumingly killed by the villagers. While the original story shows the witches killing the Jack. But in this video, Jack kills the witches, which resulted in them in donning similar male-centric outfits in the Wonder Woman video. In Wonder Woman, the group are attracted to the group of brides. It seems like JeA, Gain and Narsha ends up getting along with the brides just fine. Miryo, on the other hand, is cornered in her car by the brides, who show Miryo the Wanted posters for Jack, which is confirmed to be her at the end when you look at the soles of her shoes.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10

Wonder Woman
Song – 8/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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