[Review] Drip – HINAPIA

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Last Sunday we saw the debut of HINAPIA, a five-member female group under OSR Entertainment. The group has received extra attention as it features four former PRISTIN members: Minkyeong (formerly Roa), Gyeongwon (formerly Yuha), Eunwoo and Yaebin (formerly Rena) and new member, Bada. The group made their debut with Drip. In related news,  PRISTIN was confirmed to have disbanded in May of this year after months of speculation from fans due to a lack of group activity.

What I have noticed in 2019 so far is that the female groups that are debuting are not messing around. There hasn’t been many cutesy concepts, which has been the default concept for newly debuting girl groups in the past years. Drip continues the strong female sound that has dominated 2019 so far. It opens with what I consider to be a very addictive ‘Drip Drip Drip‘ hook. I also like how they incorporate the same hook into the chorus. It also feels very seductive and smooth. I like the beat of the song, even though it sounds very typical. It helps contribute to the addictive nature of the song. I do admit there is some monotonal consistency throughout the song but I thought it really helped make the song feel mature and as already pointed out, seductive. I did like the singing and rapping, though they don’t really show off much in this song. I wished they did show off a bit to really give us a taste of what they have to offer the industry. A great debut track.

As part of my research, I found out that there were two versions of the music video. The original was taken down for what I assumed was due to complaints about the portrayal of one of the members (Roa, I believe). A lot of the scenes of her on the bed were removed. But I didn’t see anything too suggestive. Moving away from that, the music video shows the female members to be breaking free of the confines of their sets (which I thought were nicely mature). I am probably interpreting the lyrics incorrectly, but it seems like the guy is imagining the members in each set (the song keeps on referring to a dream). The members want to see a more honest and self-confident guy, rather than one who is using his imagination to be with them. So they break out of their cages and leave their sets, which I assume shows the members becoming fed up with waiting for the honesty to appear. I probably butchered the interpretation section. So if you have any other theories, let me know!

The song doesn’t offer the group much opportunity to really show off anything amazing. Nor does it allow anything of high intensity.  But I thought the choreography that we did get was representative of the song. It works with the seductive nature of the song and was quite mature, a change from what PRISTIN is known for. (In hindsight, I realize that this would have followed PRSTIN V’s Get It nicely).

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.8/10

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