[Review] Blue Flame – ASTRO

The next major comeback of the week is by ASTRO, who returned today with Blue Flame, the title of both the song and their 6th mini-album. This is ASTRO’s first comeback since their January comeback, All Night. For this comeback, Moonbin will not be participating in the promotions as he is currently taking a break due to health problems. Hope he gets well quickly so that we can see him on stage soon! But it isn’t all bad news for fans, as we still get to hear him in the album and see him in the music video.

Blue Flame starts off with a reggae-like beat, which I thought was rather interesting. It gave the song a nice infusion of energy that we usually don’t get during the season of Autumn in Korea. But as a person who loves high energy and upbeat comebacks, I am not complaining. We lose the reggae influence during the chorus (though I am quite sure it is lying underneath the erratic and extremely loaded chorus instrumentation). But we get an extra kick in the energy department, which ends up tying the verses and chorus together quite nicely. I think both vocals and rapping are both strong aspects of this song. Everyone had a moment to shine in this comeback. I did want something a little more melodic, which is what we got in their All Night release. I think that could have smoothed out the song a little bit and made it even more interesting. But Blue Flame is a pretty good track, showcasing ASTRO once again in very strong limelight.

Visually, this is another strong music video from the group. This applies to both the members and the imagery found in the video. The sets are rather elaborate and complex, which makes the music video intriguing. Not exactly sure what the storyline is in this video. But there are books burning, wolf sightings and floating mirrors, which I am sure would mean something. I also find it surprising that the video isn’t overwhelmingly blue. Instead, it is rather mute and toned down, which I think works really well.

I thought this was a good routine for the performance. I imagine that they had to do a quick reshuffle with the announcement of Moonbin’s break only occurring last week. But watching the formations, you can tell the remaining members did an extremely good job of covering for Moonbin’s absence. The chorus was quite powerful, matching with the high energy we got from the chorus. I also liked Rocky’s solo moment with the female dancer and MJ’s section just before the final chorus.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.6/10

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