[Review] Midnight Sun – Seven O’Clock

Seven O’Clock returned during the past week with their brand new 3rd mini-album, White Night. On this mini-album, we can find their latest title track, Midnight Sun. Prior to making this comeback, it was revealed that Jungkyu and Hyun would not be participating as they sit out due to health concerns and that two new members (Louie and Eungyul) would join the lineup. However, due to personal reasons, Eungyul’s addition was cancelled, leaving Seven O’Clock’s current lineup at 5 members (Hangyeom, Taeyoung, Andy, 2Soul and Louie). Their last comeback was Get Away.

Seven O’Clock is one of those groups that often get forgotten due to the long periods between comebacks. To survive the industry, any artist needs to be making consistent comebacks to stay relevant. Seven O’Clock is one of those groups that haven’t had the opportunity to return consistently since their debut in 2017 and hence barely remember their previous tracks. With a quick refresher, however, it seems that the group has been attempting a brighter sound with their more recent comebacks. And they continue this through Midnight Sun, which isn’t too bad of a song. However, it is best described as a ‘typical’ comeback. It is a little late to the tropical game. I can see how some listeners would turn the other way as it is a sound that is so heavily used before. But I don’t mind its usage and that is why I am okay with it. I did think their vocals and rapping really help lift the song. They made the song feel fairly pleasant and the rapping provided some much-needed texture. There was also a decent melody that helped add to the brightness to the song. Overall, it is okay. But I hope they return with something a little more interesting next time.

I think their last few music videos have had a mismatched visual concept. While they have gone for that bright sound, they had a tinge of darkness which didn’t make sense in their music videos. For Midnight Sun, the music video is very bright, which is more aligned with the song. I liked the green colour that was chosen to be the highlight of the music video. I looked nice. However, like the song, the music video is very straight forward and bland. It consisted of mainly closeups and choreography shots formula. Sure, it is a common formula. But the video just felt liked it use just those elements, instead of having plots or using special effects to help make the video more intriguing.

I found the song had a nice bounce to it and I thought they did a good job of incorporating this into the performance. I also thought the starting formation was interesting. Apart from that, I thought the performance was okay. It isn’t the most impressive routine and the song doesn’t really give them that much opportunity to showcase an impressive routine.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6.7/10

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