[Review] Starry Night – BoA ft. Crush

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The legendary BoA has returned with a new mini-album. Newer fans of the KPOP genre may not know BoA, who made her debut back in 2000 and has since become the Queen of KPOP due to her many successful hits throughout the years. Yesterday, the Queen herself returned with the eponymous title track and mini-album, Starry Night. BoA previously returned to the industry with Feedback earlier in the year.

The one reason to why Feedback never got a review was simply I found it very boring and couldn’t think of anything to express my views in an appropriate manner without stating the obvious. So, when I heard that BoA was returning, I knew that I had to write a review to make up for the skipped review. Unfortunately, Starry Night gives off a similar first impression. It stays fairly safe and consistent with its twinkling instrumental and doesn’t develop into a more interesting track as it progresses. It is pleasant-sounding and extremely light, so don’t me wrong. There is also a warm feeling that the song does extremely well putting forward thanks to the husky vocals of the two singers (which also makes it well suited for the colder season). Both BoA and Crush vocals have been established in the past and Starry Night further reiterates this. Their harmonies were also quite nice, showing us that the pairing was ideal. But other than that, it needed something to make it captivating. Otherwise, it feels like another typical Winter track on our playlists, easily forgotten once the season is over.

I thought this was a very nice video, reflecting well with the warm sound that the song showcases. Firstly, it shows how sometimes your day can be frustrating or how it just go wrong (i.e. lock yourself out of your car or house, or how the vending machine just doesn’t work properly). But after a long day, everything will somehow work out, as it did for everyone in this video. In the case of the video, everyone had the help of a starry night, which gave them hope. The starry night in the music video happens to be BoA in a dazzling silver dress, that glimmers perfectly in the presence of the light directed at her. It looked really beautiful.

Song – 5.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 6.5/10

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