[Weekly Chart] 2nd Week of December 2019

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Another week has gone by and we are slowly counting the down the days to Christmas and the New Year. And we are slowly seeing the influx of Christmas songs in the KPOP industry (though it seems a lot less than usual) and the resurgence of carols that you just unconsciously start humming while shopping. But as it is another Sunday, let’s have a look at the ranking of songs during the past week in the Weekly KPOP Charts segment.

For the past few weeks, we have seen Mamamoo and GOT7 fight each other for the top spot. However this week, Stray Kid’s Levanter manages to bypass both Mamamoo and GOT7 for the top spot. Mamamoo’s HIP finds itself in the second position, while GOT7 dropped out of the Top 5 this week. Kim Jae Hwan’s The Time I Need finds itself in the third position, while IU’s Blueming rises back into the Top 5, sitting snugly in the fourth position. Finally, WJSN remains steady with As You Wish, completing the Top 5 for the second week in a row. For more of the charts, scroll down below.

  8th Dec – 14th Dec 2019
Title Artist Status
1 Levanter Stray Kids (new)
2 Hip Mamamoo (▼ 1)
3 The Time I Need Kim Jae Hwan (new)
4 Blueming IU (▲ 3)
5 As You Wish WJSN (Cosmic Girls) (=)
6 360 Park Ji Hoon (=)
7 Remember Me BDC (▲ 42)
8 Numb CIX (▲ 11)
9 You Calling My Name GOT7 (▼ 7)
10 Come See Me AOA (▲ 4)
11 Blue Flame ASTRO (▼ 3)
12 Curious About U Lee Jun Young (U-KISS) (▼ 9)
13 Touchin’ Kang Daniel (▼ 2)
14 Above The Time IU (▲ 7)
15 Oopsie (My Bad) NATURE (▲ 21)
16 Obsession EXO (▼ 12)
17 Follow MONSTA X (▲ 11)
18 Wannabe Golden Child (▼ 1)
19 Astronaut Stray Kids (▼ 9)
20 Sweet Chaos DAY6 (▲ 2)
21 Nuna Kim Jae Hwan (new)
22 Sweater Ailee (new)
23 Starry Night BoA (new)
24 Forever Love Yoo Youngjae (▼ 6)
25 Wonder Woman Brown Eyed Girls (▼ 1)
26 Poison VAV (▲ 17)
27 Nostalgia Night VICTON (▼ 4)
28 Flower Shower Hyuna (▲ 21)
29 Aurora Rainbow (▲ 20)
30 Coming Home NCT U (new)

Songs leaving the charts this week include:

  • Set Me Free – Ladies Code [Fulfilled 9 Weeks on Charts]
  • SUPER CLAP – Super Junior [Fulfilled 9 Weeks on Charts]
  • Dear Love – Lim Hyunsik (BTOB) [Fulfilled 9 Weeks on Charts]
  • Good BAM – N.Flying [Fulfilled 9 Weeks on Charts]
  • Blah Blah – 1THE9 [Fulfilled 9 Weeks on Charts]
  • Silent Movie – Yubin ft. Yoo Mi Rae [Leaving Charts Early]
  • Starlight – Jun Hyosung [Leaving Charts Early]
  • Butterfly – Bang Minah [Leaving Charts Early]

Thank you and see you later!

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