[Weekly Chart] 2nd Week of February 2020

Hey everyone, welcome back to a new week on the KPOPREVIEWED blog. You may notice that I am overdue with two album reviews (one was meant to be published on Friday and another today). They are coming, so don’t worry. I won’t have time to post them today due to timing difficulties (I need some sleep!), so I will post them tomorrow. You may notice that I have also yet to post my reviews for Jeon Woong’s Moondance and Moonybul’s Eclipse. They are coming as well and they should be up in the coming days (in addition to new reviews for the upcoming releases this week). Sorry about all these delays, I have a hard time planning during the week and hope to get this fixed during the week. But before we see whether I am successful or not, lets push forward with the charts.

Topping the charts this week is LOONA’s So What, which was expected given their really addictive song. KARD’s Red Moon, The Boyz’s Reveal and Pentagon’s Dr. BeBe take out the second, third and fourth positions this week with their new releases. Finally, Golden Child wraps up the Top 5 with Without You. Scroll down for the rest of the Top 30!

  9th Feb – 15th Feb 2020
Title Artist Status
1 So What LOONA (▲ 1)
2 Red Moon KARD (new)
3 Reveal The Boyz (new)
4 Dr. BeBe Pentagon (new)
5 Without You Golden Child (▲ 3)
6 Eclipse Moonbyul (Mamamoo) (new)
7 Dun Dun EVERGLOW (▼ 6)
8 Hands Up Cherry Bullet (new)
9 Bouncy Rocket Punch (new)
10 Crossroads Gfriend (▼ 4)
11 2YA2YAO! Super Junior (▼ 8)
12 Good Guy SF9 (▼ 8)
13 Interlude: Shadow Suga (BTS) (▲ 22)
14 Dark Cloud Younha (▲ 3)
15 Answer ATEEZ (▼ 1)
16 All For You Sechskies (▲ 5)
17 My First Hero 2Z (▲ 23)
18 Tender Love Kim Jae Joong (▲ 28)
19 Psycho Red Velvet (▼ 10)
20 Thumbs Up! Momoland (▼ 5)
21 Black Swan BTS (▲ 4)
22 Lay Back VERIVERY (▼ 12)
23 Hug Me Silently Hyolyn ft. Crucial Star (▲ 23)
24 Nun Nu Nan Na cignature (▼ 19)
25 We Belong Ong Seong Woo (▲ 5)
26 Cool BVNDIT (▼ 13)
27 Any Song Zico (▲ 12)
28 My Angel B.O.Y (▼ 1)
29 Moondance Jeon Woong (AB6IX) (new)
30 Take A Hike Jiyeon (T-ARA) (▲ 4)

Songs leaving the charts this week are:

  • +DONE161201+ – CL
  • Winter Butterfly – Hyuk (VIXX)
  • TIE – Oh Sae Bom

Thanks all for coming to the blog again and I will get those reviews out to you tomorrow!

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