[Review] Red Moon – KARD

The next comeback to receive a day-late review is by KARD. The co-ed group is finally back after the release of their 2019 Bomb Bomb and Dumb Litty. Their new track is titled Red Moon and it is the title track from the album of the same name. In a recent review, the group aspires to release a a studio album in the future, which is definitely long overdue for the group. The only thing standing in the group’s way is J.Seph’s impending military enlistment, which means that there won’t be a full group comeback for about two years. While J.Seph is still here, however, let’s enjoy what Red Moon has to offer.

My first impressions of the song wasn’t that great. I thought it was rather bland. I am kind of glad I didn’t write this review yesterday, as it would have been so different. Red Moon swings right at you at the right moments. The song is another house based dance track (it is a KARD thing) that employs very heavy beats throughout the song to provide it with some definition. I think the song has good melodies and will be one to stay on my playlist for a long time. The vocal work is pretty amazing and the rapping is very impressive. I really loved how Somin echoes Jiwoo during the second verse. Something that I am still not 100% used to yet is how the song feels like it is a mashup of two songs. The verses and (what I believe) is the first set of choruses is one song, while the more robust and heavy part (the ‘run baby run’ one) felt liked it belong to another. While they are distinct, somehow they come together quite well the second time. The first times feels a little awkward but I guess a few more listens might just help merge the two together. Overall, a good song.

I thought the video was very classy. It is a dance track that looks and sounds likes what KARD has been doing throughout their careers thus far. But there was a little high-end feel when it came to the visual side of this comeback. All the members appeared in a glass box and wore really fancy outfits that really looked stunning. Likewise, that second heavy drop chorus featured the members in a cat-walk like moment. I thought was really cool and made perfect sense. There were more urban looks in the music video and they looked cool as well. But we have seen so much of that already, so it was a nice change.

The key point dance was from the first heavy chorus, which I thought looked cool in the small snippet that we got initially. And it is still looks impressive in the whole routine. I liked how they repeated the same routine but in a completely different formation the second time around. And it looks fresh as well, rather than using the same repeated moves that we have seen from the group before.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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