[Special] Catch Up Review #17 – Sunny Hill, Ladies Code, ANS, 3YE

As promised yesterday, I will finally be post reviews for the number of songs that I have kept on the ‘Coming Soon’ list since September/October last year. But they come in the form of these ‘Catch Up Review’ segments, where I review (very briefly) four tracks. Yesterday’s review centered around Zico due to a number of his tracks were on the list. Today, we will be focusing on female groups. In particular, it will be focusing on Sunny Hill, Ladies Code, ANS and 3YE.

NomNomNom – Sunny Hill

One name that I had never expected to see again in the industry was Sunny Hill. This is because after the release of On the Way Home in 2016 and their departure from FAVE Entertainment (formerly known as Loen Entertainment), the group disappeared entirely from the industry. Since then Jubi and Misung left the group; Seungah (the only original member of the group to remain) changed her stage name to Bitna; and Eunju and Geonhee was added to the lineup, joining Kota and Bitna. Their returning track was NomNomNom, which is best described as a quirky number that seems to repeatedly throw in horse related sounds effects. Heck, the chorus is like the sounds you often associate with horse-riding in movies. It is a little odd but it reminds me of Sunny Hill’s past wacky numbers that drew my attention in. The effect isn’t as strong anymore, but it is still present. The vocal work is quite strong and surely one day this lineup can continue the amazing vocal work we got throughout Sunny Hill’s past. The music video is very low budget. And as a result, this dulled the music for me, which otherwise would have been a song deserving of a fun visual concept. I did like the ‘horse riding’ theme that was incorporated into the choreography though. (6.9/10)

Set Me Free – Ladies Code

This is one song that I will admit was bumped around the agenda for quite a while before it was removed and put onto the ‘Coming Soon List’. Ladies Code’s Set Me Free was released in early October 2019 and could potentially be the group’s final song, as the group was announced to have left their company (Polaris) whom they have been with since their debut in 2014 (and the group have been announced to be focusing on solo work for the time being). To me, Set Me Free merges the more modern feel that the group recently visited through Feedback, with their energetic vibes from their retro tracks that they debuted with back in the day. The instrumental is a very rough mix, which I find very appealing. I find this contrasts very nicely with the smoothness and raspiness of their member’s vocals. Overall, this makes the song a very promising track that I regret not reviewing last year. The video shows the members getting away with stealing and cheating in a casino. They do so in a confident manner, which I think is the entire point of the video (obviously, it wouldn’t be to steal clothes and cheat). My main questions is how did it take one member to scare a bunch of guys with a fake banana gun that she revealed before running away? It makes no sense. The choreography that accompanied Set Me Free was actually a nice routine. It paired well with the energy that was coming from the song. Not really memorable, however.

Boom Boom – ANS

A few weeks ago I reviewed ANS’ new song, Say My Name. How backwards of me to review their debut track after their comeback track. Say My Name featured a fair amount of ‘Boom Boom‘(s) in the track. But none of it was sung in the manner which we heard in the actual Boom Boom song. Very interesting. The song, Boom Boom, is more a tropical song and it had a very anthem-like feel to it. It conformed to very typical standard, but it became slightly addictive with multiple listens. Interestingly, I thought the vocal work was weak in this song as the song relied a lot on that anthem vibe that I mentioned. The rapping was also a massive miss for me. While I did just say there was a slightly catchiness to the song, the song’s longevity was short lived and was easily forgotten. Other songs that were more innovative with sounds and showed off more of the themselves rose to the top afterwards, suggesting that ANS needed to do some more work, which I think Say My Name delivered. The music video opened (and ended) with a rock intro that I am sure perked every one’s attention. The song in comparison is a little disappointing. The video just showed the members doing a bunch of things with some edgy vibes. The ending seems to suggest the presence of another person, which I guess is a new member. Their latest comeback added two members to the lineup, which confirms it. The routine is a little different from most female groups, which I quite like. The start of the dance was amazing and I liked how the knife-like precision came through the rest of the routine. (6.7/10)

OOMM (Out Of My Mind) – 3YE

I am due to review 3YE’s latest song some time in the next week. But before we do that, we must have a look at an earlier single, OOMM or Out Of My Mind. A little background – 3YE is a female trio currently under GH Entertainment. The members were all from the short-lived group, Apple.B. It is another track that manages to conform to a very typical sound of hip-hop that many other artists have done before. But one part of the song really caught my attention. The whisper that featured before each chorus was definitely something that lifted the song by a huge deal. Firstly, it was an epic change to the song that was unexpected. Secondly, it helped the chorus that followed stand out more. The chorus itself was definitely promising and really packed a punch with its hip-hop sound. The verses had the same style flowing through it but it just wasn’t nearly as strong. The vocal work was pretty good, along with the rapping. In comparison to the above song, 3YE really set themselves up in a strong manner for their future releases through this song (even though it isn’t their debut single). The music video shows the three members in prison. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is one of the few to actually show female members in prison, locked behind bars and wearing prison outfits. Nothing glamorous or flashy here. The editing to this video was very strong and it helped make the video interesting and worth talking about. The performance showed toughness, sexiness and charisma all in a span of 3 minutes. Definitely a hard thing to pull off given that most groups go with one or the other. (7.8/10)

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