[Double Review] My Gravity + Home – Yezi

It is time to get back on the review grind. And hopefully, I can stay on the grind. Kicking things off is Yezi’s latest comeback. It has been a while since we heard from Yezi. For those who may not remember this artist, Yezi was formerly the rapper for Fiestar, up until their disbandment in 2018. Over the years since her debut in 2014, Yezi has released a number of solo tracks (some of which I have reviewed in the past) and participated in Unpretty Rapstar 2. Up until a few weeks ago, Yezi has been absent from the industry since Fiestar disbanded. Today, we review Yezi’s recent tracks, My Gravity and Home.

Seeing Yezi return to the industry, I jumped right to My Gravity as soon as it was released (even though my review is 4 weeks late). And I am glad that I did. I am astounded with such an amazing song. Yezi presents us with a power ballad, something you would not expect from a rapper. But she handles all the notes amazingly. The power ballad has this grand feel, starting off with orchestral-like instrumentation. It remains in this mode up until the final chorus where the synths become a little more up front. I do find the instrumental to be a little hazy. Not sure if it is its true intention, but the haziness holds me from giving the song a perfect rating, unfortunately. It just makes My Gravity feel a little unclear, in my opinion. But that is only a minor issue. Other than that, I would recommend putting this song on in the background, closing you eyes and getting lost in its sound.

Home is a very bold track. The song opens with a soothing instrumental and this stays pretty much consistent during the verses. Her vocals are very refined and polished in this track and everything feels extremely clear, unlike in the latter track. It makes the opening verses more interesting. She does a bit of rapping. But to match the delicate nature of verses, her rapping is quite melodic (rather than her harsh delivery in the past). To me, the verses are the calm before the storm. For the chorus, she blasts with an EDM-pop instrumental and the hooks help transform the song into an anthem-like song. Her hooks in Home are quite punchy and this makes the song super catchy for me.

I do find the My Gravity music video to be poorly processed. If you don’t watch the music video in high definition, you may think the video is very dull and hazy (same complaint as mentioned for the song review). But when you do watch the video in high definition, everything looks spectacular. The nature setting was very beautiful and a lot of the drone shots looked stunning. It is also very artistic and aesthetically pleasing to watch. The video did get boring as it progressed, with Yezi walking in solo motion away from the car one of the driest shots ever. Sorry that I feel that way. Home takes things back into the studio and combines it with some outside shots in a dark laneway (that looks blurry, but I assumed that this was a filter applied post-production). This video is also aesthetically pleasing. The choreography shots were all taken with cool lighting (making way for a pretty cool stormy transition for the bridge) and performed in a very shallow amount of water. But more on that later. You can appreciate Yezi’s beauty more in this music video, in my opinion.

Home is the only track that has a choreography routine associated with it. And it looks amazing. The umbrellas make everything look so elegant. I really like pretty everything felt at the start. The choreography picked up for the choruses. I also liked the mini duo moment Yezi and her male dance partner performed at the end during the final chorus, along when they separated the genders during the final chorus while they perform all at the same time.

My Gravity
Song – 9.5/10
Music Video – 8.5/10

Overall Rating – 9.1/1

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.5/10

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