[Review] Queen – 3YE

The next song on the ‘Coming Soon’ list that I wanted to look at is 3YE’s latest comeback. I recently reviewed first comeback track. OOMM (Out Of My Mind), which the trio released back in September of 2019. That track put them on the map for me and convinced me to give Queen a go. And that is where we find ourselves today. For those who may not be aware of the existence of 3YE, they are a three member female group (consisting of Yuji, Yurim, and Haeun) from GH Entertainment. They made their debut earlier in 2019 with DMT (Do My Thang).

As established in the OOMM review, the group dabbles into the hip-hop dance genre. And Queen is no exception. Many groups are now doing this, as we move to a more mature and darker sound of KPOP (as it seems like fans enjoy this more nowadays than the more cutesy stuff we saw many years back). To me, 3YE manages to make their song feel engaging which is definitely one strong foot forward in this current climate of similar sounds. I love the start of the song, when Yuji is rapping for the first verse. The lines were definitely punchy and there was a decent flow here. The momentum continued for the rest of first verse and the pre-chorus managed to incorporate a subtle buildup. The chorus manages to change the song up by going with a different beat and line delivery. It felt very stripped down and minimalist, despite there being a prominent fast tempo beat in the background. And this helps it become unique, as we don’t get to hear much of this trance-like sounds in KPOP. The sing-speak we heard also makes it memorable. The short dance break that we heard after the first and final chorus felt like the most typical part of the song and felt they could have forgone this if they couldn’t find something more unique to add to the appeal. The rest of the song follows a similar line of comments as I have made already and this all helps the song become engaging as I said before. The members put a lot of attitude into this as well, which is commonly expected from a hip-hop based track. But I felt they added heaps more, which really helped the rest of the comeback.

There are some suspicious dealings happening in the music video, yet only one member triumphs in the end. The story line that I get from the video is that Yuji, the leader of the suit-wearing gang, is working with Yurim (the member wearing a hanbok) and pays her a hefty amount of money. But it seems like Yurim has been feeding Haeun (whom I believe is a no-nonsense cop) information to take Yuji down. Yuji finds out and decides to off Yurim (hence the burial scene at the end and all the suits wearing gang members are suddenly standing in Yurim’s room as opposed to sitting earlier in the video – i.e. they turned on her). Haeun is kidnapped and I presume is offed as well. This is a very dark yet awesome concept, taking girl crush to a much more powerful and scary level. Beware of 3YE. All other aspects of the music video look cool, as well.

There is a bit of everything in the choreography. There is some bounce to the routine, a lot of attitude and sass. It gives off the impression not to mess around with them, as their music video strongly hinted at. While no move was memorable, everything felt right for the song and that is another strong footing to the comeback.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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