[Review] Oh My God – (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE ended 2019 with their attention-gathering appearance on Queendom, who showed the industry that the new ‘concept Queens’ are here. They also finished the year off by promoting their Queendom single, Lion. Interestingly, Lion was also the only single out of the 6 songs performed by the participants that later had a music video released alongside it. But enough of their 2019 promotions. We are currently in 2020 and the female group is now making us go ‘Oh My God‘ at their latest comeback, which was also released today. Their title track ‘Oh My God‘ is featured on their latest mini-album I Trust.

This track, undeniably, sounds different from what we are used to in KPOP. We start off with Minnie hauntingly speak out some lines, which reminds me of one of their Queendom performances. The song then develops quite quickly, building up between Soyeon, Yuqi and Miyeon’s sections in the first verse and pre-chorus. We get some vintage piano in Soyeon’s section (and Soojin’s second verse) that really stands out in this song. The rush we get here is very fulfilling and intense. The song continues to infuse managed to add more intensity through the hip-hop centred chorus. I liked how they paused the music as the rush from the pre-chorus is about to climax, dissipating the flow/energy we had gotten so far and replacing it with a completely different energy for the chorus. This does annoy me to an extent but it is one of the song’s charms that continues the intensity along the song. The ‘Oh My God‘ echoes in mind even after the song ends, showcasing its memorability after just a few listens. I also like the beat of the song, overall. It was added some catchiness to the song. Soyeon’s rapping section in the second verse also adds more hip-hop flair to the song. The song ends with Minnie’s opening chant, capping the song with that eerie feeling again (and also reminding us of the intensity that we felt throughout the song. Overall, I think is this one of the group’s best releases yet.

This music video is already a contender for Best Music Video in 2020. I just want to put that out there. The music video is so elaborate and jam-packed, I am overwhelmed and speechless. I don’t know where to exactly start with this new side of the group. I wouldn’t even say this is edgy, as it would lump it alongside other music videos and concepts that I have already described using that term. And this is like no other. As mentioned there is a lot to take in with this music video. There seems to be a heaven and hell dynamic in this music video, along with fallen angels. The devil, played by Soojin, in this video tempts everyone. Soyeon was already tempted, but she is placed in the white hallway or limbo to help Soojin gain followers. Minnie is a new person being brought into limbo and she is tempted from the start with the red wine. She tries to fight it off, but ultimately fails. Yuqi seems to be an innocent wanderer in the corridors that lead to an angel (i.e. the way she holds her hands together remind me of someone praying), but she is later tempted by some red wine as well (i.e. her eyes look like they were bleeding). Miyeon is an angel sitting on a throne. But she is turned when Soojin’s followers (i.e. the dancers dress in black) surround her throne, forcing to be tempted. Shuhua is another angel, dressed in white and all pure. But she is also tempted, following the dance moves that we see Soojin do at the front of the group during the chorus. We see Soojin kissing Miyeon’s foreheard, and Soyeon appears (a known tempted member). That’s my take on the video and I can tell you right now, there are a lot of details that I don’t have time to mention.

The performance looks fanatasic. I really like their moves in this choreography. It has that contortionist type of feel to it, especially in the chorus. The use of backup dancers really helped drive the eerie feeling of the performance as well, making it very captivating to watch.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.3/10

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