[Review] Assa – CIGNATURE

Also making their comeback this week is CIGNATURE. For those who many have missed the group’s debut with Nun Nu Nan Na, CIGNATURE is a seven-member female group under J9 Entertainment. This rookie group made their first comeback at the start of this week with their new single, Assa. The single is part of the group’s debut package, as this was teased to be their ‘debut lead single [B]’, with Nun Nu Nan Na being their ‘debut lead single [A]’. With this release style, we may be seeing more ‘debut lead singles’ in the future. Until then, this is my review for Assa.

The one aspect of Assa that really jumps out at me was its instrumental. The use of the low guitar bass tones and thumping drums in the instrumental managed to make it unique and different from what we constantly hear in the industry. The chorus has this very detectable but mildly plated level of funkiness to it, through use of that twinkling-like synth. There is also restrained buildup in the instrumental, which complimenting the use of subtlenesss in the rest of the song’s backdrop. The bridge and the final instrumental section adds a little flair to the song that keeps it from being overly consistent. Unfortuately, while I am praising the instrumental side of Assa the vocals do fall short of expectations. I am not saying that the whole package does. I was very satisifed with certain (but limited) sections of the vocal work including the opening line to the pre-chorus and the rapping, in general. We also get a glimpse of some strong vocals in the bridge that I definitely desired while listening to the song. But the verses were extremely plain. I also felt like the producers under-delivered the potential for some strong hooks in the song, with the plain and typical singing.

I find the music video to be good. The sets and their outfits look really cool. There is a fair amount of smiling in this girl crush concept, which I think makes it seem like one of those videos that crosses the cutesy concept and the girl crush concept, a pairing that I don’t understand or think go well with one another. I feel like the video could have toned those smiles and this would have been perceived as a stronger girl crush concept. But that is just my thoughts on the video, overall. But as of now, it is definitely a good visual compliment to the song.

The choreography looks so cool. The chorus definitely had some intensity and sleekness when the girls performed their hair pullback move. Their outfits (suits and the urban hip-hop gear) looks so fitting for the choreography, either way looks very appealing. The one thing I didn’t really like about the choreography was the need to add some cutesy moves into the performance. I think that this ruins the feel of the dance.

Song – 6.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 6.9/10

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