[Review] Remember – Winner

One of the biggest hurdles that male groups/artists need to face in the KPOP industry is the mandatory military enlistment phase of their careers. This is essentially a two-year period away from the public eye. Winner is one of the many KPOP groups entering that phase right now, with Jinwu enlisting in the military just last week (and thus will not be part of the promotions for the group’s third studio album). Fittingly, the group’s comeback title track is titled Remember, as Winner has confirmed that they will focusing on solo activities after promotions for Remember end. More recently, Winner pre-released Hold a few weeks back in anticipation for their comeback.

Remember is undoubtedly an emotional track. When the song first started, I thought the group was going in the direction of their Empty debut. But instead, the song took a more ballad-like feel, very much different to what the group has ever attempted before. The song opens with a simple acoustic guitar backing. As the song slowly progressed, they added a little more to the instrumental, ranging from echos to drums to add some definition to the song. What did remain consistent throughout was the guitar, which I think made the song feel so much more sentimental. The second thing that is strong about this song are the vocals. I have never really gotten why Winner was nominated for their vocal performances in the past. I know they have really good voices. But I never really thought it was nomination-worthy. This song changes the perception. The instrumental can be described as a blank canvas (my analogy is back!). And their vocals, well, they paint a very touching and stirring picture on the canvas. Each member brings something different to the song and I really like that aspect in this song, as the group sings about not forgetting about them. Overall, a solid track.

The music video I thought was definitely very well shot. The member alone looked like they were experiencing the painful breakup that they can’t bring themselves to do (as they allude in the song’s lyrics). When the four members are together, however, they bring that sentimental feeling to the video. While the song’s lyrics were very emotional and tear-inducing to some, I do like how they weren’t just all sad or pained in the music video. There were smiles and laughter, which brings a bittersweet but reflective tone to the video. I also liked how they interlaced footage from their concert and survival show, WIN: Who Is Next?.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.4/10

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