[Review] Spring – MCND

Making their comeback in the last week alongside the ones who I reviewed last week already is MCND. The group dropped their digital single, Spring, unexpectedly (well I didn’t know it was coming until I saw the actual music video release). For those who don’t remember or know of MCND (as they are a brand new rookie group), they pre-released TOP GANG earlier this year and debuted with Ice Age just last month.

In my last review for MCND (Ice Age), I mentioned that their debut single was kind of a step in the right direction as it provided some balance between the vocals and rapping. Spring seems to backtrack on this. But I am not complaining this time, as I thought Spring leverages the rapping to be one of the strong aspects in the song. It could have been toned a bit as it does feel very ‘in your face’. But as I said, I am not complaining. Alongside the rapping, there is still vocals in this song and the vocal work that we did get in Spring was rather good as well. I would have liked to hear the group in a song that is more dependent on the group, rather than the rappers, as I think that would be rather interesting version of the group. The instrumental is a very bright and quirky form of hop-hop. It gave the song a fun and colourful vibe, which really prevents the song stepping anywhere in the direction of a boring song. With all of these praises, I want to point out the song could have been upgraded with a more defined instrumental and better hooks. But what we good is pretty good already.

As mentioned in the song review part of this post, the song is rather fun and colourful. The music video is definitely a good reflection of this. The guys are shown to be having fun, while the visuals of the video were very bright and colourful. Completely different to the edgy tone they had in TOP GANG and their heavy usage of the colour white in Ice Age. The members are shown in a youthful style, through their school uniform (a rite of passage in KPOP and Korean culture) and casual outfits. I also liked their different visual details they added to the video, which adds to the modern profile of the music video.

I really like their performance style. With only five members, they are a relatively small group in the KPOP. So it is an expectation that they would keep all five members on stage at all times, like how they performed for the first chorus and onwards. But they continue to only perform in small groups for the first verse. They did a similar thing in Ice Age but I didn’t pick it up until I watched their performances a few more times. It isn’t a new thing, but I thought the group had an interesting tactic up their sleeves.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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