[Review] Lupin – Dongkiz

With no major release today, it is a great opportunity to pull another song from the ‘Coming Soon’ list to review. A lucky dip yielded Lupin by Dongkiz, which was released exactly one month ago on the 15th of March 2020. Interesting fact, I haven’t actually reviewed any songs from Dongkiz yet, even though I was planning to for their a release earlier this year. For those who may be unfamilar with Dongkiz, they are a five member male group under Dongyo Entertainment. Previous releases include Nom, Blockbuster, Fever and All I Need Is You.

From my understanding and limited exposure to Dongkiz’s past releases, the group has on delved into funky but bright sounds. Lupin follows the funky sound that the group has maintained, but gave it an edgy feel. And that funky description might be a little understatement. There is some funky guitar work in the song during the verses, along with some groovy and squeaky saxophone synths for the chorus. All coming together to create a really high energy and loaded song. The bit in between the verse and chorus was very interesting. Usually songs would buildup to the chorus, so that they can build up suspense for the drop. Lupin, does things a little differently. It still applies the same rules but this is very minor in comparison to the complete slow down that they went with. This, I found to be very unique and made the song rather cool in my books. Not only did this make the song sound memorable for me, but I thought the vocal melodies and instrumental hook were pretty addictive. I really like rough texture the rappers brought through their one-liners in the chorus. The vocals were very smooth and sounded very nice. Overall, Lupin attracts my attention to the group and I will definitely keep my eye out for them in the future.

I think the music video shows two sides of the group. The first is the more darker and badder versions of the group. They steal the jewelry in the art gallery. The second side is the investigative team that is tracking down the thieves. Moving away from the plot line, the music video actually looked good visually. I was concerned that since they were from a lesser known company, they would have a low budget style music video. But this actually had a fair amount of cool post-production work done on it. I mean the digital picture frames looked cool and the choreography shots were done in very stunning locations. The video was quite dark, so it was hard to focus on it at times. But overall, pretty decent.

The choreography was awesome. At first I thought they were actual walking canes that we would all associate with a much older generation. But they were actual magic sticks that could go back to be a simple piece of cloth. The members performed magic twice in one stage and I thought that was awesome. I also liked how they had to revert the cane back to the cloth, but incorporating it into the choreography.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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