[Review] End Of Spring – ONEWE

Since their re-debut last year, ONEWE have been returning with a quarter of their first studio length album. Their debut single, Reminisce About All, was featured on their 1st single album, 1/4. Their next comeback, Regulus, featured on their 2nd single album, 2/4. Earlier this year, ONEWE collaborated with label-mate Hwasa (from Mamamoo) with Q, which was the only track on their 3rd single album, 3/4. And now, the band is now back with their first studio album, appropriately named as One. The lead single from the album is titled End Of Spring and the focus of today’s review.

One thing that ONEWE has definitely established with their released singles is that they are capable of different sounds. And End Of Spring just adds to their variety. This is their most energetic sound yet and I would describe it as an exciting combination between the band sound with a club beat. There is such an even balance of both in this song that makes the song very pleasant. They could have gone heavy handed with the club beat or dominated with a rock sound, effectively snuffing out the other sound. But you can really hear both strongly in End Of Spring. Usually, I would say the guitars would be the highlight of the instrumental, especially when riffs are used. But in End Of Spring, I think the drums are the real winner as that adds to the song’s excitement and definitely gets things rolling along. Their vocal work is fairly good aspect of the song. I feel like they could have gone above and beyond with the vocal component of the song, but what we got was still quite good. The melodies which carry their voices is pleasant. The pre-chorus was probably the strongest part of the song, with Yonghoon’s vocalisation leading right into that energetic chorus. Dong Myeong also sounds nice during the verses and his harmonisation moment with Cya, who managed to insert a rap sequence into the song, which was probably a decent way to channel some energy in this song. Overall, it is a very good song and I would definitely go back for more.

What the music video for End Of Spring does right is that they mimicked the ideal club feel by bring a lot of people in. I have seen music videos for similar songs feature just the members performing and this doesn’t look as fun as it could have been. Here, you can tell that the atmosphere is exciting like the song and feels lively, which is what you definitely want alongside a song like this. I do wonder what the desert scenes are for, as the first half of the video was quite heavy on this. I assume this is connected to the lyrics somehow. Eagle eye fans may have noticed some familiar faces in the crowd. ONEUS (their labelmate and brother group) and AleXa (a soloist from a company that works very closely with RBW, the entertainment company that ONEWE is signed to). Great to see this closeness between members and artists even on screen. I think the video could have stepped up with something a little more exciting that coloured gas. Maybe fireworks that could have given some explosiveness to the atmosphere of the video. But the video does go well with the song and it definitely has me coming back for more (just like the song!).

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.3/10

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