[Review] Wing – Park Ji Hoon

I had somehow missed Park Ji Hoon’s comeback song, Wing, which was released earlier in the week on Monday. I knew he would be coming back sometime this week, but I was under the impression that his comeback would occur mid-week, rather than at the start. I don’t know how I managed to miss a major comeback like Park Ji Hoon’s, especially on a day full of solo male comebacks! So apologies for this unintended delay. His comeback single is featured on his third mini-album, The W. We last saw Park Ji Hoon at the end of last year through his 360 promotions.

Wing, to me, feels like multiple songs were snipped and conjoined together. From the very first second to the rap sequence that opens the second verse, we have 4 different songs mashed into one. And I would have been fine with that, provided that the song progresses along seamlessly. Unfortunately, the transition between the two halves of the verses does not have this quality and I am quite disappointed with it. It felt sudden and unexpected. But other than that transition, the rest of the song was quite fine. Park Ji Hoon showed off his voice throughout this song and this was a strong effort, particularly during the chorus. I did like how he used his signature deep voice for the hook of the song. The ‘Doom Doom Doom‘ was very catchy and addictive. It is probably one of the reasons why I want to continue listening to the song. I still would like to hear more rapping from the soloist, as that is what we know him for from his Wanna One days. It seemed like the song could have included more intense and impactful rap sequences to help bolden the song and give it some additional energy. The chorus had this party anthem-like feel to it, thanks to his shouting-like vocals and melodies that he brings to it. I did want more body to the chorus, to give it that oomph and with a lot more definition. Actually, that can be said across the entire instrumental of Wing. There is this typical feel to it, but I do admit that is comfortably pleasant. Collectively, I don’t think this tops his past two title tracks. But it is a fair effort.

For most of the video, I wasn’t really sure what was going on. Park Ji Hoon seems to be doing quite a fair bit in the video (i.e. driving around in the desert, talking into a microphone, sitting in a cafe). But nothing really made much sense, apart from the end where it looks like he is flying (which is the strongest connection we have, as he sings about his partner giving him wings to fly). I also want to be critical about the set. I don’t know if filming around a time which a ban was put in place (for current circumstances affecting the entire world), but the use of those built sets just cheapens the video and ruins any amazing shots of natural scenery the video had in it. I feel like the video could have been solely filmed in the desert/natural setting and it would have looked cool. The post-production editing for those scenes look quite good as well and they could have used this technique to change up the scenery a bit if they were worried that everythhing would look the same.

I really liked the light tapping to the head for the catchy ‘Doom Doom Doom‘ hook of the song. The song doesn’t give much opportunity for Park Ji Hoon or the dancers to show off any performing chops, if I was to be honest. But I did like the small acrobat-like moves that they pulled off during the performance. They made the stage look more captivating without going over the top.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10

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