[Weekly Chart] 4th Week of May 2020

Welcome back to another Weekly KPOP Chart post. I have been busy all morning and afternoon, so I am bringing a slightly late post today. It has been a very busy week in KPOP, with a lot of comebacks in just this final week of May. I hear June is exceptionally busy as well with a lot of major groups scheduling comebacks in time for Summer. Looking forward to all the new releases. But as usual, we need to get through the Weekly KPOP Charts for the 4th Week of May in order to get to the new releases, so let’s get going!

The Top 5 for this week is dominated by male groups and mostly new releases from this week alone. MONSTA X rises to the top this week with their new single, FANTASIA, which came out on Monday. Remaining steady from last week is NCT 127’s Punch, which is also the only only song in the Top 5 to be from a previous week. Following behind NCT 127 is Kim Woo Seok’s solo debut with Red Moon. Baekhyun’s Candy debuts in the fourth position, while Park Ji Hoon’s Wing comeback finishes this week’s Top 5. For more of the charts, scroll down below.

  24th May – 30th May 2020
Title Artist Status
2 Punch NCT 127 (=)
3 Red Moon Kim Woo Seok (UP10TION) (new)
4 Candy Baekhyun (EXO) (new)
5 Wing Park Ji Hoon (new)
6 Can’t You See Me TXT (▼ 5)
7 Who Dis? SECERT NUMBER (▲ 17)
8 Zombie DAY6 (▲ 4)
9 Absence Moonbyul (MAMAOO) (new)
10 Ridin’ NCT Dream (▼ 4)
11 Tiger Eyes Ryu Su Jeong (Lovelyz) (▲ 10)
12 Yours Raiden & Chanyeol (EXO) ft. Lee Hi & Changmo (▲ 8)
14 Stay Tonight CHUNGHA (▲ 5)
15 Not By The Moon GOT7 (▼ 7)
16 Nonstop Oh My Girl (▼ 13)
17 I’m In Trouble NU’EST (▼ 13)
18 Angel Onlyoneof (new)
19 End Of Spring ONEWE (new)
20 Knock ASTRO (▼ 15)
21 Eight IU ft. Suga (BTS) (▼ 14)
22 BAZOOKA! GWSN (▲ 1)
23 Dumhdurum APINK (▲ 17)
24 Perriot D-CRUNCH (new)
25 Oh My God (G)I-DLE (▼ 11)
26 Break All The Rules CRAVITY (▲ 15)
27 Good Night H&D (▲ 3)
28 Lucifer NOIR (▲ 8)
29 SOUL H&D (▼ 7)
30 Happy Taeyeon (SNSD) (▲ 20)

Songs leaving the charts this week are:

  • Let’s Love – Suho (EXO)
  • Unfamiliar – H&D
  • Mongolia – TOO
  • Q – ONEWE ft. Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

Thank you once again and I will see you in the next review!

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